Ooni Cooking Too Hot? Heat Management Tips

Is your Ooni pizza oven getting too hot? Keep reading to learn about how to manage your heat better in your Ooni outdoor pizza oven.

Ooni Cooking Too Hot?

This is a question many Ooni owners ask themselves when they use their pizza oven for the first time. And sure enough, there does tend to be a learning curve in getting used to how your Ooni will cook.

The good news is that it isn’t too difficult to manage your heat and have a successful cooking session. It is first going to depend on the type of fuel that you are using:

Can An Ooni Get Too Hot?

In some cases, it can get too hot for cooking pizzas. However, with some practice, you’ll get to a point where it is not an issue.

Gas Ooni Ooni Heat Management

Simply adjust the temperature setting knob!

If your gas powered Ooni is getting too hot even after you adjust the temperature knob, you can set the flame even lower by pushing in the knob and slowly turning it up. You should see the height of the flame get smaller.

Wood Fired Or Wood Pellet Ooni Heat Management

This is a bit more tricky and there is more of a learning curve. If it is too hot, you either have too much fuel or too much air. You are going to have to play around with the combination between air and fuel.

Start with a small fire and slowly add to it to get it up to the right temperature.

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By using these two tricks, you should be able to manage the heat of your Ooni pizza oven in no time. The goal is to get the temperature just right for cooking the perfect pizza.

But I know that it can be very frustrating when it is too hot and your pizzas are coming out too burnt or even raw inside. But, over time, you will come to a point where it is never an issue because you have learned the right ways to handle the heat.