5 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens For Home (Wood Fired & Propane Gas)

Looking to up your wood fired pizza making game with one of the best outdoor pizza ovens on the market today?  Want perfect pizza?  Take a look at these outdoor oven recommendations for your outdoor space.  Pizza oven pizza is the best!

Our Favorite Best Rated Outdoor Pizza Ovens


Best Outdoor Pizza Oven Reviews

Ooni Pro 16

The oven itself is a work of art with a unique design that allows you to make great pizzas while still being versatile enough to prepare different meals.

The Pro weighs 57 pounds (26 kilogrammes) and measures 31.1 x 19.29 x 29.13 inches (700 x 490 x 740 mm), making it small enough for a counter version but too hefty to be really transportable.  Because of the wide shape, you can cook a 16-inch home pizza without even folding up the edges.

Even when cooking with charcoal, the Pro’s chimney, along with a heat deflector and dual airflow controls, provides superb temperature control and prevents the pizza from tasting sooty.

The Pro’s body is made of ceramic fiber insulation and double-walled steel, which allows it to reach cooking temperature in 15-20 minutes.

One of the Ooni Pro’s selling advantages is that it can run on four different types of gas: charcoal, wood balls, wood pellets, and gas burners.  The gas and pellet fireboxes, on the other hand, are marketed separately and are now available in the United Kingdom and Germany.

It runs on four different types of fuel, with the Ooni 3 using wood pellets and the Koda using propane gas.


  • Because of the larger size of this Ooni Pro, you can produce a large family-size 16-inch pizza, as well as prepare steak, vegetables, and bread.
  • The Pro’s superior temperature controller is made possible by the increased chimney, ceramic fibre insulation, and double airflow controls.
  • Because the Pro may use a variety of fuel sources, you can choose the one that’s ideal for the meal you’re cooking or whatever is most handy.
  • A 15mm cordierite baking stone baking board is included with the Pro.


  • In comparison to the smaller Ooni 3, the Ooni Koda, and a few of the other ovens on our list, the Ooni Pro isn’t especially movable.
  • The gas and pellet burners are sold separately and can be difficult to locate in the United Kingdom.
Also check out the Ooni Koda, Ooni Fyras or the Ooni Karu.

ROCCBOX Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

While authenticity is important, ROCCBox understands that most of us are just looking for a delicious, homemade pizza.  One that can be completed right away and capped the way we like it.  This iteration bears little resemblance to older ovens, and it employs cutting-edge technology to replicate the previous result.

Although the entire body of this device is stainless steel, the silicone insulation keeps it much cooler on the outside.  While it’s not a good idea to keep your hands on the oven’s cover while it’s cooking, touching it accidently won’t cause any burns.

This oven’s height is adjustable, and it can be placed on any level surface as long as there is enough room for your gas adaptor from the trunk.

Finally, the ROCCBox by Gozney portable outdoor pizza oven features all of the modern oven’s bells and whistles.  It’s a temperature gauge and a compact bottom stone that will aid the rolling fire in baking a pizza in a matter of minutes.


  • Materials of the highest quality
  • It’s quite easy to fire upward and bake in, and the heat isolation is fantastic.
  • It’s possible to utilize either wood or gas.


  • It will take some time for it to warm up.
  • Metallic design that isn’t authentic
  • It’s a little clumsy.

Cuisinart CPO-600 Alfrescamore

This little pizza oven is so convenient and easy to use that it almost seems like cheating.  The Cuisinart CPO-600 replicates the texture and flavour of a brick-oven pizza.  It does not, however, make use of any outdated procedures.

To begin with, the CPO-600 is a moderate and easy-to-transfer product.  It has small hinges around the sides that allow you to pick it up and remove it.  Maintenance and cleaning are very straightforward, and the oven’s cap opens to allow you to wash away any excess char.

The oven is only turned on and fired upward, and it takes approximately 10 minutes for it to warm up enough to bake in.  It bakes a 12-inch pizza in under 5 minutes using convection and direct heating.

Finally, on the top-right, there’s a small space where you can store wood pellets.  If you wished, these might give your pizza a fantastic smoky flavour and a rustic atmosphere.


  • Fairly lightweight.
  • It is simple to go around
  • It’s quite simple to clean and maintain.
  • Heater and burner that works quickly
  • Underneath it is a heating tray.


  • It could be necessary to switch to a different type of pizza.
  • The handles become hot as well.
  • A lack of a typical pizza stone

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

This sleek, straightforward oven is everything you could desire in an outdoor pizza oven.  If you have a gas tank, you can eat as much pizza as you want!

You can cook up to two 10-inch pizzas at simultaneously after a quick, painless assembly.  You can satisfy your pizza desires as long as the propane tank is turned on.  You can go on to other delectable morsels once you’ve had your fill of cheesy, dreamy pie.

It’s also capable of roasting and baking pastry.  This oven allows you to enjoy your favorite cuisine whether you’re on a mountain, in a stadium parking lot, or in your own garden.  Propane as a fuel not only makes it portable, but it also keeps it clean.

There’s no smoke, and there’s no mess!  Unlike wood stoves, you won’t be choked by a cloud of ashes when cleaning up.

Despite the fact that it runs on gas and is built of stainless steel, you won’t miss the cosy taste of a brick oven!  The ceiling is made up of two layers that improve heating dynamics for the best brunch, lunch, or dinner you’ve ever had.

This is, however, one of the few backyard pizza ovens that does not include a pizza peel.  It’s best to order one separately so that you can quickly rotate the pizza while it’s cooking.  Pizzas are usually flipped 180 degrees halfway through cooking to prevent the crust from burning and to ensure even heating on top.


  • Time to preheat quickly
  • Simple to assemble


  • Can only create two 10-inch pizzas at a time
  • Heat distribution is uneven.

Bertello Wood Fire and Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

Bertello makes it so easy to enjoy the taste of a brick oven anywhere you go.  This oven has a smoke chip cup for that smoky flavor we all enjoy.  My favorite feature is that once you’ve finished making the first pizza, there’s a warming tray underneath to keep it warm while you make the second!  The best part about this model is that it’s so simple to assemble that you’ll be ready to cook in no time!

You can take this anywhere you have a propane tank, just like some of the other models on this list!  It may be placed on any flat surface and conveniently stored practically anywhere you can think of.  This operation is made more easier with the built-in handles!

The handles of the Bertello outdoor pizza oven, on the other hand, have one flaw.  Because this is a dependable, industrious pizza oven that gets hot, the plastic handles tend to melt.  It’s aggravating, but switching them out wouldn’t be difficult.  To match a new handle made of a different material, all you’d need is a couple of wrenches and perhaps a Dremel bit.


  • There are no tools required for simple assembly.
  • A pizza peel, cordierite stone, and other equipment are included.
  • Heat is distributed evenly.


  • Under extreme heat, the plastic handle melts.
  • Customers have complained about the instructions being difficult to read.

Buying An Outdoor Pizza Oven – What To Consider

When looking for the best outdoor pizza oven for home use, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Fuel Type

Burning wood, charcoal, gas, and electricity are the main types of fuel utilized in outdoor pizza ovens.  Each has advantages and downsides that you should carefully consider before spending your money.

Wood is regarded as the best fuel for making pizzas, bread, baked pasta dishes, and other delicacies.  However, you must wait for the pizza oven bricks to reach the right cooking temperature, the process takes a long time, and there are always ashes to clean up.  Regardless, wood fired pizza ovens allows you to cook the greatest pizza.

Gas pizza oven — Much easier to use than wood; simply light the burners and wait for the oven to heat up to the desired temperature.  These ovens require less time to heat up and keep a consistent temperature.  The only real disadvantage is that you have to make sure you have adequate gas before you start using these outdoor pizza ovens.

Electric – These pizza ovens can be turned on and off with the flick of a switch and are ready to use in minutes.  Using an electric outdoor pizza oven, on the other hand, is very similar to making pizzas in the house oven.  Temperatures can be adjusted more quickly, and you won’t have to worry about running out of gas or waiting hours for the oven to heat up.


You might be able to save some money that you can put towards other, more vital oven accessories.

Preparation Time

We believe that pre-heating time is an important element that is often disregarded.  It will take significantly longer to heat up a standing brick oven than a metal-based portable oven, especially if you have one.

Brick ovens, on the other hand, offer a significantly longer heat retention period than portable ovens.  It essentially comes down to two factors:

How long do you think you’ll be able to wait before you start cooking?


Do you want to reposition your oven?  Consider whether you like a portable or a stationary pizza oven.  If you’re a go-to friend for pizza parties, you might want to bring your pizza oven along as well.  As a result, a portable oven would be ideal.

On the other hand, if you enjoy entertaining guests in your outdoors, a standing oven is ideal.

We like a portable pizza oven because it is simple to transport and store.  Look for a transporting trolley that fits properly with portable ovens.

Looking for indoor options?  Take a look at Brevilles Smart Oven Pizzaiolo.

Advantages of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Finding the greatest outdoor pizza oven for you and your home has numerous advantages.  Here are some advantages to anticipate when you embark on your outdoor pizza adventure.

Social Aspect

Backyard barbecues aren’t the only thing that may bring people together outside with food, beverages, and company.  Finding the best outdoor backyard pizza maker allows you to change up the backyard communal dining experience by substituting Neapolitan pizza for brisket.

Increased Temperatures

Pizza ovens are capable of reaching far greater temperatures than most domestic ovens.  Wood and coal-fired ovens may reach temperatures of 900-1000 degrees Fahrenheit (or even higher) and can accommodate pizzas that need to be cooked quickly, such as a traditional Neapolitan.  Portable pizza ovens are also built to maintain heat and extreme high temperatures more efficiently than regular home ovens, thanks to their multiple layers of brick, ceramic, and stainless steel (depending on the type).

Use of Outdoor Pizza Ovens: Precautions

There are a few things to consider before purchasing the best outdoor pizza oven.  Many outdoor pizza ovens, especially smaller types, are built specifically for pizza.  This means they frequently use flat pizza stones as flooring, operate at extremely high temperatures, and have oven mouths that are quite short.  While this is great for pizza, it does limit the options for other outdoor cooking when utilizing these ovens.

If you want to produce a wide range of outdoor dishes, pay close attention to the specifications (particularly the dimensions) of each oven.  If you want more variety, look for Camp Chef outdoor ovens; otherwise, you can acquire extra cooking utensils, such as an outdoor deep fryer, to augment it.

Consumption of firewood is high.

When using a wood-burning pizza oven, you’ll need to add extra firewood every time you turn it on.  Depending on the size of your oven and how often you use it, the cost of fuel can add up quickly, so bear that in mind if firewood is expensive or difficult to come by in your location.  If this is the case, a smaller unit that consumes less wood would be a preferable choice.

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Which outdoor pizza oven is your favorite for your next pizza cook?  Regardless of which types of pizza oven you choose, we hope that we were able to teach you about many of the numerous options and features that are now available on the market.