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For as much as I can remember, pizza has always been that member of our regular meals that are widely accepted. Those cheesy pies have found a way to break the barriers of personal differences.

They are majorly served as the main meal and a snack at the same time. Just think of the days that the cheesy sectors of the pizza have saved us from preparing a meal when having people over.

However, deciding on how much pizza to order could be a bit mind-boggling if we don’t have the right pizza calculator.

Let’s dive in as I show you how much pizza to order for your parties and large gatherings!

Or make your own pizza using the following:

How much pizza should I order for a party?

pizza party

Setting up for a party can be a weighing time, you are concerned with several details, relevant or not. Checking out your guest list, considering a suitable date, dispersing invitations, and many more.

These all have to be engaged to have a seamless party. However, the direst part of every party is the food. And as we all suspect, that pizza, in all its uniqueness is the spot-on meal for your parties.

So, the question is, how much pizza to order? Well, you might believe that there is no such thing as over-ordering.

However, you don’t want to be swimming in boxes the moment your guests leave.

Inadvertently, having too little would mean your party just failed. Here are a few things I’d suggest you considered before you placed that call and ordered those boxes.

What Kind of Party are you having?

pizza party

Are you having a dinner or a launch event? A kids’ sleepover party? How much of a meal did you tell your guests that you’ll be having? Is the pizza going to be a simple munch on?

You need to accurately answer these questions when calculating the number of boxes to call in. If your guests are expecting a proper meal or it’s an actual ‘pizza party’, then your offerings should be abundant.

Is this a lunch or dinner event? A pre-teen’s sleepover party? Birthday party? National Pizza Day? Did you make it known to guests that you’ll be providing a proper meal?

Or are you ordering the pizza as a snack to munch on? In any case that a meal wasn’t initially spelled out, then a smaller order should get your party rolling.

What type of guests are you having over?

pizza party guests

Just as I earlier stated, your type of visitors drives the amount of pizza you purchase.

Ordering for a local high school baseball team would override that of an early grader’s birthday party. Also, having a post-meet party for female team members would likely entail more pizza than an after-party.

The way certain groups consume food differs. So, understanding your guests’ hunger level and appetite informs a better purchase.

Always consider the Rule of Thumb

The Perfect Pizza Ratio

Pizza To Order = 3 x Number Of People / 8

There is a rule that suggests you order three standard slices for every teenager or adult on your list. Then, you adjust the sum-up of the slices based on how much alternative food you’ve made available.

However, if it’s a child’s celebration, then two-slice would pass per kid. And, if you are in the mood for some sides then you should also consider your slices!

Ordering less than the already proportioned three slices would seem like the practical choice.

A fraction of your guests would surely eat more than they were allotted and some would consume less. What matters at the end of the day is that everything balances.

In conclusion, when it comes to unwritten rules of a party it is always your error was out of caution. You’d prefer having left-overs to a bad review at the end of the day.

I’d say a full stomach is a more desirable outcome compared to part attendees full of hunger. If you are contemplating what to do with your left-overs, you can always send a few homes with friends.

Pizza always makes a delicious party favorite. Never forget to place these factors into your pizza calculator.

What are the different available Pizza sizes?

pizza sizes

Let’s break this down using examples from a national chain like Pizza hut and compare it with their price.

For you to understand the accurate size of a pie, you have to apply π (pi) in your calculation. For some, it must have been a while since you went on such a task.

Well, the π is measured to be approximately 3.14159. For you to calculate, the area of the pizza is πr2.

R for the radius is half of the diameter. It’s time to pull out your Pizza Calculator!

Personal Pan: (A 6 inch sized pizza)

Radius(r) = 3 inches

Slices: 4

Area of pizza: 3.14 x 3 x 3 = 28.26 square inches

Note, these numbers are about Pizza Hut’s selling price and measurements as of when this was written.

These numbers are probably going to differ over time as a result of many factors.

These factors may be influenced by the rise of raw materials and the country’s current economy.

An 8-inch sized pizza:

Radius(r) = 4inches

Slices: 6

Area of pizza: 3.14 x 4 x 4 = 50.24 square inches

These are the common sizes but our chain of study (Pizza Hut) offers three different sizes.

We have the Large, Medium, and the personal pan. It is also important to note that some eateries do no list out the measured diameters of their pizza.

Moving on, let’s dive into their sizes.

Small: (A 10 inch sized pizza)

Radius(r): 5 inches

Slices: 6

Area of pizza: 3.14 x 5 x 5 = 78.5 square inches

Medium: (A 12inch sized pizza)

Radius(r) = 6 inches

Slices: 8

Area of pizza: 3.14 x 6 x 6 = 113.04 square inches

Large: (A 14 inch sized pizza)

Radius(r) = 7 inches

Slices: 10

Area of pizza: 3.14 x 7 x 7 = 153.86 square inches

A 16-inch sized pizza:

Radius(r) = 8 inches

Slices: 12

Area of pizza: 3.14 x 8 x 8 = 200.96 square inches

Most Common Pizza Sizes

Size Inches Slices
Small 10″ 6
Medium 12″ 8
Large 14″ 10
Extra-large 16″ 12

Conclusion: It’s always better to order the biggest pizza.

How much to order for a large group?

pizza party

Are you hosting your entire external relations for a day?

Are your friends coming over? Or probably hosting a baby shower, graduation party, or any form of celebration that requires a lot of mouths to feed?

Well, these kinds of situations always provide you with just a few options.

One, you can do the brave thing and cook for everyone. However, if you all struck an agreement, you all could drive and eat out. But, if these options are a no brainer you might be stuck with a last.

Pizza could swoop into the rescue. Able to satisfy a wide range of taste preferences, you might just have something everyone would love.

Now the next question is, how much pizza to order?

Nothing is as embarrassing as running out of pizza in the middle of a party.

That’s why it is important to order just enough for your guests. You also don’t want to go overboard and order out enough to place you on a pizza diet for the rest of the week.

I’d recommend that you applied the 3/8 rule when ordering. But, as it is with every other rule, there would be exceptions.

You have to consider the following factors before you order out.

    • How many individuals are coming over?
    • How many of them are children
    • How much would each one eat?
  • How much would each one eat?

These are things you have to consider before you place your order.

On the good side, there is a simple calculation that could help you figure these the answer to these questions.

The simplest way to do this is with the 3/8 rule. Most medium pizzas are divided into eight and each slice make for 1/8 of the pizza. An average person would eat three slices and that makes for the 3/8 rule.

To calculate the number of visitors using that and the result would be the number of boxes you need to order.

I know it might be hard to do the math if you’re in a rush of sorts or too hungry for some calculations. Well, with the help of an already established pizza calculator you can get your math ready.

Check out these simple guide:

How much pizza to order for 10 adults?


3 slices x 10 adults = 30 slices

30 / 8 = 4 large pizzas approximately

You need to order 4 large pizzas to serve 10 adults.

How much pizza to order for 20 adults?


3 slices x 20 adults = 60 slices

60 / 8 = 20 large pizzas approximately

You need to order 8 large pizzas to serve 20 adults.

How much pizza to order for 30 adults?


3 slices x 30 adults = 90 slices

90 / 8 = 12 large pizzas

You need to order 12 large pizzas to serve 30 adults.

How much pizza to order for 40 adults?


3 slices x 40 adults = 120 slices

120 / 8 = 15 large pizzas

This doesn’t need to be approximated.

How much pizza to order for 60 adults?


3 slices x 60 adults = 180 slices

180 / 8 = 23 large pizzas

You need to order 23 large pizzas to serve 60 adults.

This should serve as a guideline when ordering your pizza. Note, this calculation was made using a medium-sized pizza.

If you intend to order a small one that has six in it, then you could easily tweak the math to your favors.

Large sizes would consist of ten slices and an extra-large size would have twelve sizes.

Also, depending on the crust some might be more satisfying than the other.


People Pizza to order
5 2 pizzas
10 4 pizzas
15 6 pizzas
20 8 pizzas
25 10 pizzas
30 12 pizzas
40 15 pizzas
50 19 pizzas

How to handle people that do not like pizza?

Not liking pizza has become frowned on by the whole country. The cheese pizza has taken over the regular apple pie.

If you don’t like vegetables or any other popular food people might understand but not with pizza.

Are you in the mood for some intense stare down, then announce your distaste for pizza? They might even begin to think you’re a spy or something.

But what makes a person, not like pizza? How do you respond when you discover their reasons for choosing different paths?
Let’s see what their struggle is like and how to respond.

    • First, the people around them tend to freak out. This is quite expected because non-pizza lovers are rare.However, you don’t go giving them reasons to feel uncomfortable. Rather you respect their choice.
    • Their friends and families get pissed with them anytime they have to order a different meal because of them.This is understandable, your guest shouldn’t feel like a bother to you when they don’t like pizza. The better thing to do is offer them an alternative you might have available.


    • Non-pizza lovers are forced to become a bit more adventurous. Since they can’t get with the crowd they are forced to find a different meal to snack on.That food you left in the fridge and have been afraid to try could come in handy. They could just make it work and then you wouldn’t have a hungry guest in your hands.


  • Finally, you must realize that they are not trying to seem healthier, at least not all of them.Some people just don’t like cheese and pizza happen to be drenched in it. So, engage their cravings that don’t have cheese on it.


How many slices are there in a family-sized pizza?

This is not a regular choice but an 18″ inch sized Pizza is expected to be divided into six or twelve sizes. This can cater for averagely six to seven people.

How many slices can I find in a 16 inches sized pizza?

This is a small slide from the family-sized pizza. A 16″ inch sized Pizza, popularly classified as extra-large is also cut into either six or twelve slices. However, the slices would feed just five to six people at a time.

How many slices of pizza can I find in a sheet sized pizza?

The sheet sized pizza would be the right match for your parties. Perfect for any party or gathering. It is measured at 18″ x 26″ inches. The pizza can also be divided into 32, 40, 48 or 64 pieces each

How many people can eat a medium-sized pizza?

A Medium-sized pizza that measures 12 inches can be split into eight pieces and shared between 3-4 people. How big is a large-sized pizza? A regular large-sized pizza is measured at 14 inches and can be divided into ten slices.

Is Dominos giving away free pizzas?

This is not a static scenario. There are times they give out free coupons but you wouldn’t wait on them. Though they are known to occasionally do giveaways compared to other chains. Can the 12-inch sized pizza be enough for one person? If you intend to buy pizza for just one person, the 12 inches would be enough. However, it might likely be too much for an average person to finish. To avoid having leftovers, then try ordering a smaller one.

How much should I tip when making a large pizza order?

Generally, you should tip 15-20% of the total bill. But if the total bill is below $20, you should tip at least $3. And for $20+ bills you should tip 15%.

We have written an in-depth article on how much to tip a pizza delivery driver.

How many slices are in a 12-inch pizza?

A 12inch pizza consists of averagely eight slices.

How much pizza can be found in a 10-inch pizza?

A 10-inch sized pizza contains about eight slices that can serve about three people at a time.

Should I order two medium-sized pizza or one large?

One large-sized pizza always hits better than two of the medium-sized ones. A 16-inch sized pizza might look like it the ones measured at 8 inches, but in reality, they are four times the size.

Is two small-sized pizza bigger than one large?

People rumor that a small-sized pizza is usually bigger than the large when doubled. But, it is all rumors and might be true. However, the size of a pizza differs from company to company.

Can you consider a 10-inch pizza as personal?

When it comes to how personal a 10 inch sized pizza can be, it is reliant on the consumer. If you consume a whole lot then it is the perfect size for your cravings.

How much pizza can I order personally?

A small sized pizza would do the trick, but a medium-sized pizza can also be enough for you. The medium-sized is usually expected to feed two people but they can suffice for just you as well. All that matters is your cravings!


We all might have our preferences when it comes to other life choices but not with the pizza. Our flavors may differ but we all love to have a bite of that cheesy pie now and then. Even when we have people over, the pizza can confidently blend into the mix. In the rush of ordering for the group, we might miss the mark. Either we order too much or less than we require. Therefore, knowing how much pizza to order can save you from having excessive leftovers.