Can I Leave An Ooni Karu Outside? Proper Ooni Storage

So you got yourself an Ooni Karu, but you don’t really know where the best place it is to store it when it is not in use. Or maybe you are wondering buying it but want to know if you can leave it indoors or out.


Can I Leave Ooni Karu Outside?

Yes, you can leave your Ooni Karu outside. However, I would recommend keeping it in your garage or shed when it is not in use. This is not only because it is more likely to stay in good condition, but also because it will minimize the amount moisture that comes into contact with it. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, or gets extremely hot during the summer, then definitely keep it indoors when not in use.

So, you can leave it outside, but in order to keep it looking good and in tip top shape, I like to keep mine in my garage. It is safer that way too because anyone can take it f it was just sitting on my deck.

Are Ooni Pizza Ovens Weatherproof?

Yes, Ooni pizza ovens are weatherproof for the most part. They are made with stainless steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion. However, that does not mean that you just leave it in the weather all the time with no protection. If you leave it outside, then I would recommend at least covering it with a covering of some sort so that it can provide some protection for it.

Can An Ooni Sit In Rain And Get Wet?

Yes, an Ooni pizza oven can be used in the rain. However, I would recommend keeping it under an overhang or on a pedestal of some sort to ensure some protection from the elements. More for you, not so much for the oven!

Ooni Pizza Oven Storage Recommendations

When you Ooni is not being used and is cooled down, you will want to properly store it so that it does not get damaged.

How to Store An Ooni Pizza Oven

After you are done cooking and enjoying your pizza, it’s time to put your oven away. Here are some steps to follow to get your oven ready to put away.

  1. Allow the oven to cool completely. Remember, your oven was running at very hot temperatures when it was cooking, so this can take quite awhile to cool down.
  2. If you were using wood or charcoal for fuel, empty the fire box. If you are using gas, remove the gas line from the oven.
  3. Wipe down the oven to remove any dust.
  4. Clean the pizza stone with a dry cloth to remove any debris left over from cooking the pizzas.
  5. If you are planning on storing it for a long period of time, you may want to remove the chimney and keep it inside the oven.
  6. If you have one, place the oven in an Ooni storage bag. These storage bags are made specifically for all the different models. Take a look here to find the right one for your model.

Where To Store Your Ooni Pizza Oven

When you are not using your oven, I recommend that you put it in a cool, dry place. (such as your basement or garage). You don’t want to put it anywhere really hot or very cold. A backyard shed is fine too.

Ooni Outdoor Storage

At the very least, get a tarp or other cover to protect from rain, snow, or dust.

I would recommend this cover:

Click here to see some more Ooni pizza oven covers.

Other excellent option is a deck box. This will give your oven a nice little storage space that is close to your cooking spot.

Here is a good deck box recommendation:


The Ooni pizza oven outside is a convenient option. The weather should not hurt it, but you can keep it looking new longer if you only have it outside when you are using it. I like to keep mine in my garage and just pull it out when I want to use it.