How Long Does It Take For Ooni To Cool Down?

Ooni’s ovens are no exception, as they produce a lot of heat. So, the question, “how long does it take for Ooni to cool down?” is valid.


The Ooni is a well-known pizza oven that heats up quickly after being lit, and it produces pizzas faster and better than other oven types.

You might be wondering if the Ooni heats up as fast and whether it cools down at the same speed.

OONI, on the other hand, takes considerably longer to cool down than it does to heat up. Depending on the insulating material used, the source of fuel utilized, and the weather condition in which the oven is being used, OONI may take anywhere from 60-90 minutes to fully cool down.

How Long Does It Take For The OONI To Come Down?

The time it takes for cooling the OONI Koda is determined by the temperature you operated the oven on last time.

Koda is said to operate at extremely high temperatures. The temperature of the OONI Koda oven can reach up to 950F and keep the heat for a long time. As a result, reducing the complexity of standing by to heat the oven on a regular basis.

However, once the OONI Koda has been utilized, it takes around one hour for it to fully cool down. After about 20-30 minutes, it’s cool enough to touch and handle; but it’s safer and best advised to wait until one hour after usage.

It’s now safe to move, clean, or store the oven for future use.

Surprisingly, it only takes Ooni Koda around 15 to 20 minutes to get hot. The fuel source, on the other hand (gas), is very efficient in delivering heat.

Finally, the insulating material utilized in OONI Koda, which is non-removable, contributes to the time it takes for it to cool down.

The weather condition of the environment has a significant impact on how long it takes for OONI Koda to cool down.

It’s also worth noting that the ambient air temperature in the location where the oven is installed influences both the cooling process and its speed.

The heating elements are located near the burner and therefore receive heat from there. The sunlight may cause some damage to the oven’s internal components by heating it up from the outside, but once it is under the sun,

When this happens, the oven will be extremely hot, and it will take a long time for it to cool down completely.

As a result, the OONI Koda is best utilized under cool climatic conditions.

Because of the heat it generates and the smoke it emits from the chimney, which is extremely harmful to people and pets when breathed, you can not operate this oven indoors. That is why it is operated outdoor.

As a result, the OONI should be shaded or kept cool.

However, this shade should not be erected directly beneath a tree! It is harmful to the health of the tree to place OONI Koda right beneath it.

Consider how unpleasant the heat makes the location seem when OONI Koda is on.

You can now imagine how awkward it would be for a living tree to grow over a functioning OONI Koda.

However, when you’re considering installing your OONI Koda anywhere around your home or at any chosen position, be sure to search for the coolest location possible to avoid excessive heating of your OONI Koda and a quicker cooling time.

It is crucial to know how long it takes for OONI to cool down in order to prevent risks of accidents while it is in use.

However, it’s also critical to ensure that the oven is handled correctly to provide better nourishment for a longer period of time.

How Long Will It Take For The OONI Fyra To Cool Down?

Normally, the OONI Fyra takes around 90 minutes to cool down thoroughly at room temperature, especially if the oven is operated at the proper setting.

OONI Fyra, on the other hand, cools down at a relatively slower rate than previous OONI ovens e.g OONI Koda, which runs on gas.

Most of the time, the wood pellet used is not completely burnt away when the food is cooked.

Because of the cooler air, it will take some time for the fuel to burn completely before the cooling procedure can begin.

As a result, it may take longer for the container to cool completely, which is necessary for safety in handling.

Let me be the first to say that putting water on OONI Fyra to cool it down is wrong! Another thing, this behavior might cause damage to the oven, resulting in rust and eventually wear.

This material, despite being composed of steel, includes metal atoms; as a result, when you expose them to water in the air, they start to rust, which is not good news for you and your OONI Fyra.

You should also try to avoid a humid environment as much as feasible. Places like these do more harm than they are good for your OONI Fyra.

However, this does not give you the reason to place your oven directly under the sun, which is a terrible habit.

It also stretches out the time it takes for your oven to cool, making it look older and reducing aesthetic appeal.

The OONI Fyra stand is ideal for displaying in a cool and dry environment, as this allows you to locate it conveniently.

How To Operate The Ooni Fyra 12

  • Heat Up Time is around15 minutes
  • Max temperature is around 950°F (510°C)

The Ooni Fyra 12 is a 12-inch pizza oven that uses wood pellets as fuel. The Fyra 12 is the only Ooni pizza oven from which to cook since it features Ooni’s unique and unconventional gravity-fed pellet hopper, which differs from lighting other wood-based Ooni ovens.

Fortunately, lighting the Ooni Fyra 12 and keeping it lit is a lot easier than most combustible fuel pizza ovens.


There is no set duration for how long it takes OONI to cool down.

Instead, things like the sort of OONI used, the fuel used to heat the oven, and the surrounding environment influence how long it takes to cool down an oven.

However, in general, it takes OONI significantly longer to cool down than to heat up, sometimes even an hour!