Do You Need To Season Ooni Pizza Oven?

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Is seasoning my Ooni Oven necessary or not? Is there a need to season my Ooni oven, and how should I go about doing it?

How do I properly season my Ooni oven? Is it worth the effort to season my Ooni oven?

Yes! It is important to season your Ooni oven before its first use, especially if it has never been used. To burn paint coatings and other greasy residues from the manufacturing process, it would be beneficial to season your Ooni oven. Do your utmost to make your Ooni oven as effective as possible by following the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual.

Do You Have To Season Ooni Koda?

Yes, you must season it before using it for the first time, as it is also a component of its maintenance regimen in addition to several others. Seasoning the Ooni oven is time-consuming, but it is certainly well worth the effort.

It is a critical task to season your Ooni Koda pizza oven since it emphasizes its usefulness and increases its longevity. Even if the oven is seasoned, it’s still advisable to perform this procedure.

Prior to allowing it to cool down slowly, I would advise running your Ooni Koda oven at its top and highest temperature setting for a least 25-30 minutes. Every Ooni oven instruction manual includes customized step-by-step instructions for seasoning the Ooni oven.

As they were intended to be used, pay close attention to the instructions booklet’s directions. The reason for seasoning foods before consumption is to make them more delicious.

Season your Ooni so that any paints, coatings, and oily chemical chemicals used during the manufacturing process can be removed.

In addition, to prepare your delectable and cheesy home-cooked meals in the shortest time possible, your Ooni oven must be used to cook at a very high temperature for a lengthy period.

Before using your Ooni Koda for the first time, do well to season it. In addition to seasoning, the Ooni Koda oven prior to the first time you use it will ensure that it functions properly. Running your oven at such a high temperature for so long enables it to operate at peak performance.

Your oven will also work at such a high temperature for an even longer period because it has been seasoned, just as you are continually advised to charge a new phone before usage for optimum performance.

Seasoning your Ooni Koda oven on the other hand will have a significant impact on your health. To destroy any germs that may have remained there as a result of the previous usage, heat your oven prior to each use. Over the years, germs accumulate in your oven and begin to wreak havoc on your health. Proper cleaning and conditioning are a must, but seasoning is the most effective.

What Is The Best Way To Season An Ooni Oven?

Seasoning an Ooni oven entails heating the Ooni oven to its highest temperature setting for a set length of time to remove any unwanted residues before using it.

The ideal approach to season any Ooni oven before using it is to carefully follow the instructions in the seasoning guide for that particular model of Ooni since there are many different types and versions of Ooni available, with various requirements.

Seasoning your Ooni oven, heat it to its highest and topmost temperature level for approximately 30 minutes, which is the same as the overall seasoning procedure. After that, allow it to cool down gradually before wiping away any ashes or other stains with a dry cloth.

However, if you previously used the Ooni and kept it for a long time without using it, make sure that you remove any remaining ash from the baking stone and clean them off with a dry paper towel.

You should then turn on your Ooni oven to the maximum temperature setting for at least 15 – 20 minutes before you can use it. Seasoning your Ooni oven is simply a matter of waiting for the required amount of time.

This is debatable. It depends on the oven’s future fuel source. That is to say, the time duration cannot be precisely determined. However, there is a general sense that it lasts at least 30 minutes.

This is the period when seasoned food appears to have the most impact. The time it takes for an Ooni to reach its peak temperature with 100% hardwood pellets is around 15-20 minutes.

The Ooni Koda 12 is powered by a gas tank and will take around 15 minutes to reach its peak temperature, while the Ooni Koda pro model, which is more adaptable, will require less time to achieve its maximum temperature.

This is only the amount of time it takes for the food to reach its maximum temperature before we talk about seasoning.

On a broad scale, you should run an Ooni oven for at least 30 minutes at its maximum temperature settings.

As a result, I feel free to estimate that seasoning your Ooni oven may take at least 30 minutes.

What Is the Best Way to Season Ooni Grill Pan?

Before using, seasoning the Ooni grill pan is a smart habit to get into. Seasoning the Ooni grill pan is somewhat more essential than seasoning the oven itself.

Because the grill pan works in tandem with the oven, whatever affects the pan also has an impact on the oven.

To season your Ooni grill pan, follow these procedures.

  • To avoid dust and other stains from the grill pan, wash and dry your pan thoroughly.
  • Pour a little vegetable oil or cooking oil over the interior of the pan.
  • The season is for about an hour in an electric oven at around 200 degrees Celsius on a foil-lined tray. This will help the pan to more quickly and effectively radiate heat on the next usage.
  • Allow the pan to cool completely before rinsing it out with clean, cold water. After that, use a clean, dry towel to wipe it down.


When you’re ready for seasoning your Ooni Koda oven, don’t consider it a loss of time. The importance of seasoning the Ooni oven cannot be overstated. On a broad scale, it’s a good idea to season the Ooni Koda oven before each use. You must season your Ooni oven before using it regardless of the time required for maintenance or other reasons.