About Us

‘We can reduce your anxiety while ordering pizza for a large number of people”

Hey, welcome to ThePizzaCalc.com! A simple online tool that helps you decide how much pizza to order for any number of people.

I started this website in mid-2020 with one simple goal in mind which is to simplify the pizza ordering process.

Back in the days, I used to order a lot of pizzas for my friends and family members. But every single time, it used to be either a lot more than enough that we had to keep it in the fridge OR a lot less than enough that we used to fight for the last slice.

And that anxiety while ordering pizza used to kill me!

That’s when I got the idea of ThePizzaCalc.ocm. I told myself, why not simplify this process and make it a lot less annoying.

After extensive research, I found that an average person can eat up to 3 slices, a big eater can eat up to 4 slices and a child can eat up to 2 slices.

I compared this data with all standard pizza sizes and came up with a really simple algorithm that precisely suggests you how much pizza to order for any number of people.

I implement this algorithm using Javascript and made a simple Pizza calculator website.

I’m not bragging things, but it’s honestly effective. You just have to enter the number of eaters and you can get instant results about how many pizzas to order including what size to order.

It definitely gets the job done and saves a ton of time. It’s accurate so it reduces your anxiety. Now you no longer have to think about how many pizzas to order. Just go ThePizzaCalc.com, enter the number eaters, and get instant results.

It’s that SIMPLE.