Ooni Karu Vs Ooni Pro

Are you thinking about getting an Ooni pizza oven but not sure if the Karu or Pro is right for you? Here is a quick comparison of these two.


What Is The Ooni Karu?

The Ooni Karu pizza oven is an excellent option if you love wood fired pizza. It is a high quality, large pizza oven made using all stainless steel. The variable heat allows you to cook up to 12” pizzas in just a few minutes. It also has the option to be converted to a gas powered oven by using a gas burner attachment that is sold separately. It can be taken anywhere as it is highly portable and can be stored in an upright position. The Ooni Karu is an excellent product, with superior construction and quality. Although it may be a more expensive option for some, the quality product that you get back is worth the price.

What Is The Ooni Pro?

The Ooni Pro pizza oven is another excellent option for wood fired pizza but it can also be used with charcoal, pellets and gas. It is made using high quality materials and the construction is of excellent quality. It is very versatile as it is large enough to cook up to 16” pizza, bread and even a small roast. The insulated steel body and stone floor ensure that it is an incredibly efficient oven. It also features an adjustable door so you can ensure that your pizza cooks evenly. The Ooni Pro is a good quality product at an affordable price and can be taken anywhere as it is very portable, making it perfect for camping or tailgating. It will also produce excellent pizza and serves up a great tasting meal.

Features That Both Pizza Ovens Have

Both of these can use multiple types of fuel including charcoal, pellets and gas.

They have an adjustable door which means that they are very much self-reliant, allowing you to get the best results with minimum effort.

They produce great tasting pizza and the adjustable heat allows you to cook pizzas in just a few minutes. They are excellent gas powered ovens and allow you to cook your favorite dish whether it’s a pizza or meatloaf.

Differences Between The Two

The main difference is the size – the Karu handles up to 12″ pizzas and the Pro handles up to 16″. The Karu has a door that is made of steel and the Pro has a door made from composite wood.

The other difference is that if you want a gas powered oven and you are looking at the Karu, you will need to purchase the gas conversion kit to go along with it.

Pros Of Both Ovens

Both of these ovens are able to use multiple types of fuel and will produce excellent tasting pizzas.

They both provide good quality ovens and are extremely durable. They are both very portable so they are perfect for camping, tailgating and taking to parties or events.

Cons Of Both Ovens

A common complaint is that the door handles are sometimes weak on both ovens.

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These two ovens are both excellent and will produce delicious pizzas with superior heat control. They can both be used with different fuels and are very portable, making them great for a camping trip or tailgating. They can also easily be converted to use gas as well.