Can Pizza Delivery Drivers Give Change?

Is there a pizza delivery driver on the way to your home and you are not sure if you will get change back?


Can pizza delivery drivers give change?

Sometimes. In general, there are two types of drivers: those who carry small amounts of cash and those that don’t.

Money is a sensitive issue. Nobody likes to get short-changed—especially when it comes to pizza. But, the answer is “sometimes” when it comes to if pizza delivery drivers can give change.


Can You Pay For Pizza With Change?

Pizza delivery drivers are often not allowed to take small-denominated currency, including coins. The exception to this rule is if the pizza order exceeds a certain amount or for large-denomination bills, which are common in establishments that accept credit cards.

Many pizza delivery driver policies also state that they only accept credit or debit cards as payment. This prevents them from taking your cash and then cashing it back out at their next stop.

Does Pizza Hut Accept 50 Dollar Bills?

While there are drivers who will carry small amounts of cash, there are others that do not. It all depends on the particular store and how busy they are at the time you call in your order.

A driver who doesn’t carry change might turn you down and ask you to provide exact change. If the location is busy, the driver might not have any bits of change on their person. You won’t be turned down for a small amount of money, but if it’s a larger amount, you might have to pay another way.

How Much Change Do Domino’s Delivery Drivers Carry?

As with any specific pizza brand, the amount of change that can be given will vary from store to store.

A delivery driver at a busy location might not have any coins on hand. This is why it is always best to call in your order early and ask if they will be able to give you the exact change. You would also do this if you were paying by cash or credit card.

Does Domino’s Accept 50 Dollar Bills?

Domino’s offers online ordering in certain locations. You can also use the Domino’s app to place an order for pick-up or delivery. If you are having your pizza delivered to your office for lunch, be prepared with exact change.

Many stores will not accept large bills because they are afraid of being the target of counterfeiters. Even if you are using a credit card, you might still be asked for exact change to avoid carrying that much cash around.

Does Domino’s Have Change For $100?

In most cases, no. Again, it depends on the store and the location. A manager at the particular store you are patronizing might be able to break down the change into smaller bills. An assistant manager or shift lead at large Domino’s might also be able to break down your order into smaller bills.

Do Papa Johns Drivers Carry Change?

When the question “can pizza delivery drivers give change” came up, Papa John’s was one of the places that came to mind.

A Papa John’s driver who does not carry change might turn you away for your large bill if they are busy. They may even try to have you pay another way, but that all depends on the particular driver you get on a given day, time, and location.

Not Tipping Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery is a thankless job as it is. But, if you don’t tip, you make the driver’s day even worse, as your driver might not be able to provide you with the exact change you are looking for.  Always tip your pizza delivery driver!

In most cases, there will be no tip from the customer because it might be a busy time of day and they are already getting a small tip from the store they work at.

However, if you happen to order or call in an order closer to closing or pick-up time, your driver may not have change on them. If the store is busy, they would ask for exact change.

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In general, drivers don’t carry large amounts of cash on them. You might get lucky and find one that does, but chances are you won’t.

It all depends on the situation. You might get lucky at one location, but get unlucky at another. If you are concerned about not getting the exact change you are looking for, call in your order early and ask if they can give you exact change or if they will be able to give some change back instead of a larger bill.

You also need to ask what kind of paper money they accept. If it is a large denomination bill, some stores won’t accept them because it is too easy to counterfeit.