How Long Before a Pizza Gets Cold on Delivery?

Have you ever ordered a pizza to be delivered and it arrived a bit late. Was it cold?


Have you ever wondered how long it would take for a pizza to get cold on delivery? Well, it’s an interesting question. If pizza is ordered at 10:00 pm and pizza is delivered at 11:00 pm, it might be quite cold.

How Long Will Pizza Stay Hot in Delivery Bag?

When using a hot delivery bag, a pizza should stay warm for 30-45 minutes. However, it depends on what type of pizza you are ordering and what was in the bag.

Some pizzas stay hot longer than others.

Have You Ever Had a Problem With a Pizza Being Delivered Cold?

You may never experience this and there is nothing wrong with this. With regard to pizza delivery, the pizza and ingredients were at very high temperatures and then were quickly transferred into the insulated bag.

This insulated bag keeps the pizza warm but it cannot keep the heat in the pizza. The pizza will naturally cool down over time, and this is why it’s recommended for it to be consumed within an hour.

Ways to Keep Pizza Warm on Delivery? Insulated Bags!

Luckily, there are ways to help keep your pizza hot longer. The most common one is the use of insulated bags to keep the heat in and the cold air out.

Domino’s even once had a special delivery vehicle at one time that had a built in warming oven where the pizzas were kept hot during the delivery!

However, this may not be practical for you and for the rest of us it’s recommended to use an insulated bag to keep the heat in. Insulated bags are basically like a heated blanket for your pizza. The insulation keeps the heat in and the cold air out and the insulated bag is then placed inside a paper bag where the pizza bag is put inside the paper bag.

How Does an Insulated Bag Work?

Think of yourself putting a small blanket over you to keep warm. That same concept is used in insulated bags for pizza delivery. The insulation keeps your pizza warm and the thin layer of insulation also keeps the heat in and cold air out.

They are also usually lined in a foil material which adds to the insulation. This is how a delivery driver can place a pizza in a cardboard pizza box and then place this into a paper bag and it should be good for several hours afterwards, as long as it’s kept inside the insulated bag.

Insulated bags also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can choose the one which works best for you.

Insulated bags for pizza delivery are typically black on the outside but there are also red and white ones as well.


Pizza delivery is one of our most favorite things in the world, however, sometimes things don’t go as planned and your pizza delivery gets cold. No worries though—you can keep your favorite pizza warm even longer by using an insulated bag!