How Long Is The Average Pizza Delivery?

How long does it take for your pizza to be delivered? It all depends on several factors, such as the store’s activity level and the number of pending orders.


Since pizza is made in 2 minutes, baked in 12 minutes, and cut in a matter of seconds, it’s no wonder that many pizza orders are placed simultaneously.

In addition, the speed limits on different roads and traffic conditions can all influence the time it takes for delivery.

Average Pizza Delivery Time

How long does it take to get a pizza? The average time to receive a pizza depends on the order size. Some companies deliver orders quickly while others take longer. Most pizza delivery services do not take an average time.

However, they do take longer than some competitors. You should be aware of this when placing your order. If you want your pizza delivered right away, try ordering at least one hour in advance. Otherwise, you may find yourself waiting for more than necessary.

Another factor is how fast a driver can travel. For example, a driver can save money by avoiding busy areas. If a delivery company uses the Circuit Route Planner, it can choose the most efficient route.

In addition, customers like it when a company sends a text message to notify them of the order’s progress. Providing extra sauces or condiments is another way to make a customer happy.

Popular Pizza Restaurant Pizza Delivery Targets

Most of the leading pizza restaurants that offer delivery services have a target duration of time that they set a policy on and how they will respond if the delivery is late and exceed the thresholds of that policy.

Papa Johns Pizza Delivery Policy

Papa Johns has a delivery time policy of 35 minutes or less from when the order is placed to the time the order is delivered.

If you want to have a chance to get your pizza faster, there is something called PapaPriority. PapaPriority is their second-order option with a delivery time limit of 20 minutes. There is a per-item cost of $2.99 for the standard and $3.99 for the large or pan pizza size.

Blaze Pizza Delivery Targets

Blaze Pizza aims to deliver your pizza in a timely matter, but we could not find the specific number of minutes they aim for. They used Circuit Route Planner but switched to Google Maps with estimated delivery times.

Domino’s Pizza Delivery Targets

Domino’s has the policy to deliver within 30 minutes of placing the order. Still, they have unique delivery options like After MidnightTM, which promises to deliver your pizza in 30 minutes. For an additional $5, you can have it delivered at least an hour after the order.

If you don’t receive your pizza within 30 minutes, they will give you the pizza for free.

Tipping Based On The Delivery Time

If the delivery man delivers your food after 30 minutes of placing the order, you have a few options for him, usually, tip him in cash, but there is a new trend among customers of tipping him with their credit card through an app.

These apps solely aim to allow customers to make their restaurant tip payments through the app. These apps will enable you to leave feedback for the delivery guy, and if you have a good interaction with the delivery guy, you can also leave a tip through the app.

As far as we know, the only app that allows you to leave a tip for your delivery guy is Tip’d. Tip’d is not a tipping app specifically made for restaurant deliveries, but since the restaurants need customers’ tips, they joined with Tip’d to create this app.


The delivery length depends mainly on the availability of drivers who can deliver your order within the mentioned duration times. If your order is placed during peak or holiday, expect a longer delivery time.

Also, the wait time to deliver can be longer when you place your order during peak hours or after 10 PM because drivers usually have to balance providing pizzas, doing deliveries for dine-in orders, and doing some returning or delivering to pick-up orders.