What If A Pizza Delivery Brings The Wrong Order?

When you place an order for pizza, what happens when the delivery person brings the wrong item? Are you entitled to a free re-order, a refund, or some other sort of compensation?


You may be ripped off and feel you should leave a tip to compensate for the lousy service, but what if your order is entirely different from what you ordered? In such a case, here are some tips:

Free orders

It’s never a good day when you get your pizza delivery and discover it’s the wrong one.

Usually, you can just call the company to request a new delivery, and they will make it right for you.

This guarantee covers the product cost, applicable taxes, and delivery charges. However, if the pizza order was not received by the designated time, the company will replace the product as soon as possible.

Free orders also cover the time it takes for the pizza to arrive. The pizza company can either send the replacement product or issue credit for the product. The policy may vary based on a variety of factors.


Do pizza places offer refunds if a pizza delivery delivers the wrong order? The answer depends on the circumstances. While the company will usually refund you if the order is incorrect, you may also want to call customer service to discuss your options.

They will usually happily reverse the charge on your card, and they can contact you through your preferred method of communication. After a successful refund request, you’ll be sent a new order.

Quality Guarantee

The quality guarantee covers any missing add-ons, such as condiments and tableware. These extras are essential to the customer experience, making it even more frustrating when a pizza delivery doesn’t come with the ordered order.

Regardless of why the pizza delivery is late or comes with the wrong order, you’ll want the experience to be pleasant.

Popular Pizza Restaurant Policies

Many different pizza restaurants have specific policies for this minor inconvenience, such as:

  • Domino’s – there are two options with Domino’s. You can have the order remade and wait for the new pizza to be delivered at no cost or get a credit for your next order.
  • Pizza Hut – also has the same two options as Domino’s. Get the order remade at no charge or get a credit for the following order.

Do You Also Get A Refund For The Delivery Fee?

It is possible to get a full refund of the delivery charge, primarily if the wrong item was delivered to you. To receive a refund of the delivery fee, you should call the customer service department as soon as possible after you receive your pizzas and alert them to the situation.


In conclusion, if you order for pizza delivery, you’ll want to keep a close eye after the order is placed to ensure it gets delivered correctly. If your order is missing or incorrect after receiving it, you will want to contact the pizza place immediately to rectify the situation.