Can You Pay For Pizza Delivery With Cash?

paying pizza delivery with cash

Have you ever wondered if you can pay for pizza delivery with cash? This article discusses the benefits of using cash for your delivery. It also highlights some of the restaurants that accept cash for delivery. If you’re curious whether Pizza Hut accepts cash for delivery, read more. Here’s how it works. After reading this … Read more

What If A Pizza Delivery Brings The Wrong Order?

wrong pizza order

When you place an order for pizza, what happens when the delivery person brings the wrong item? Are you entitled to a free re-order, a refund, or some other sort of compensation? You may be ripped off and feel you should leave a tip to compensate for the lousy service, but what if your order … Read more

How Long Is The Average Pizza Delivery?

pizza delivery times

How long does it take for your pizza to be delivered? It all depends on several factors, such as the store’s activity level and the number of pending orders. Since pizza is made in 2 minutes, baked in 12 minutes, and cut in a matter of seconds, it’s no wonder that many pizza orders are … Read more

Pizza Tip Calculator For Tipping Delivery Drivers

accepting a pizza delivery

Nobody likes leaving a poor tip for pizza delivery drivers. That’s why I’ve created an online pizza tip calculator to help you figure out how much you should tip your pizza delivery driver. All you need to do is enter your pizza order details and the calculator will do the rest. Use Our Pizza Tip … Read more

How Long Before Pizza Closes Can You Place A Delivery?

delivering pizza at night

Have you ever been hungry in the evening and wanted pizza delivery. However, you thought that it may have been too late? Contents How Late Is Too Late for Pizza Delivery? Generally, pizzas can be delivered from 5pm to midnight every day. Some places do stay open later on the weekends, but the most popular … Read more

How Long Before a Pizza Gets Cold on Delivery?

putting pizza in an insulated bag

Have you ever ordered a pizza to be delivered and it arrived a bit late. Was it cold? Have you ever wondered how long it would take for a pizza to get cold on delivery? Well, it’s an interesting question. If pizza is ordered at 10:00 pm and pizza is delivered at 11:00 pm, it … Read more

How Far Is Too Far for Pizza Delivery?

getting a pizza delivered

When it comes to pizza delivery, people are pretty picky about how far they want their pizza to go. Some places will deliver a mile or so away from their restaurant. Others go much further. Some places will even deliver around the world! But how much longer is too far? And how far is too … Read more

How Do You Pay for Pizza Delivery?

paying for pizza delivery

Ordering pizza from a restaurant is pretty straightforward. You call the restaurant, tell the host or hostess what you want to eat and then wait for the food to be delivered. But how do you pay for the pizza? Contents Pay Cash at the Door Believe it or not, many people still pay their pizza … Read more

Can You Trust Pizza Delivery With Credit Card?

accepting a pizza delivery

You know what time it is! It’s time to order pizza! But can you trust pizza delivery with your credit card? That’s a question that’s been doing the rounds this month. In fact, it’s such a hot topic that it’s currently a popular search on Google! Contents Can You Trust Pizza Delivery With Credit Card? … Read more

Can You Refuse a Pizza Delivery?

late pizza delivery

You know how it is. You’re hungry after a long day at work. You place your order with Domino’s or Pizza Hut and they tell you it’ll be 30 minutes until delivery arrives. You take a seat while you wait for your pizza to arrive. But what if arrives very late or cold? Contents Can … Read more