Is Pizza Considered Fast Food?

Would you consider pizza to be fast food? Maybe or maybe not?

Is pizza fast food or junk food?

It all depends on how you look at it. Some people would consider pizza to be fast food because the order is delivered in less than 30 minutes, while others might think of it as anything but.

If you are looking at quantity, then pizza is fast food. It is often sold by the slice so you don’t have to buy the whole pie. Pizza restaurants are typically open late at night, which appeals to all of us who get hungry late at night. Another appealing statistic about pizza is that it comes in various sizes, typically ranging from 6 inches to 18 inches or more.


What Makes Pizza Fast Food?

Pizza as a fast food item is still debatable as to what exactly defines it as such. But, take note that there are those who would not consider it as such because of the available toppings which many people find to be more than enough.

What Is Considered Fast Food?

Fast food is food that you can get on the go. It can be eaten on the way home, at school or on the way to work. Some fast foods are prepared quickly and served in restaurants while others are made on site in drive-throughs. From hotdogs to hamburgers, fast foods are usually sold at quick-serve restaurants or by some other means of ordering them by phone or in person.

Fast foods are usually prepared and boxed up for quick sale, or packaged in a box made to be eaten at home. To some extent, fast foods are considered “quick” because they usually require little time and preparation. Some of them can even be prepared and served the same day it is ordered by the customer.

Types of Fast Food

There are many kinds of fast foods. They may be served at common type restaurants such as burgers, pizza, hamburgers and sandwiches.

Fast Foods and Health Problems

Fast food possibly can result to health problems such as; high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. These diseases are common risk factors for this kind of food. It contains high levels of fat, cholesterol, sugar and salt.

A study showed that consuming fast foods may cause you to gain weight faster than those who do not. A recent report also shows that children who eat fast foods tend to do less exercise.

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Is Homemade Pizza Fast Food?

No, there are different kinds of homemade pizza, but most people prefer making the basic one which is easy to make and takes lesser time to prepare. The other type of homemade pizza is the kind that you order from the restaurants and have it delivered at your doorsteps.


To conclude, I think that pizza is fast food.