How Far Is Too Far for Pizza Delivery?

When it comes to pizza delivery, people are pretty picky about how far they want their pizza to go. Some places will deliver a mile or so away from their restaurant. Others go much further. Some places will even deliver around the world! But how much longer is too far? And how far is too far for delivery?


Is There A Distance Limit For Pizza Delivery?

One of the biggest questions until recently has been, ‘how far is too far for delivery?’ And the answer usually depends on the pizza restaurant.

Some places will deliver a 5-mile radius from local stores, while other will deliver up to 10 miles or more. That’s just one way of calculating it. Some neighborhoods will have their own limits as well. Some places will only deliver to addresses that are on a list they publish, and some will only deliver to addresses that are literally around the corner.

How Far Do Popular Pizza Places Deliver To?

Here is a chart of some of the common pizza places and generally how far they will deliver to. However, these are just estimates based on reasearch online. To get the real numbers, you would need to contact your local pizza place to find out their specific policy.

Restaurant Delivery Limit
Pizza Hut Varies By Location
Domino’s 7 miles
Jet’s Varies By Location
Marco’s Varies By Location
Blaze Varies By Location
Papa John’s Varies By Location
Pizza Ranch Varies By Location


You’ll notice that most will vary depending on the location so the best way to find out is to check your local pizza website and find out for your area.


So, how much distance is too far for delivery? That depends on the pizza restaurant you’re ordering from and the delivery method you’re using. Fortunately, many places offer online ordering as well as phone ordering for pizzas. That means you can get your favorite food delivered straight to your door!