How Do You Move An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

When moving an outdoor pizza oven, it is important to follow the proper procedure. You should never try to move a pizza oven yourself because it can lead to serious personal injury, damage the appliance, or leave you without a means of cooking pizzas afterward. That’s why you need to hire professionals who have experience in moving and storing outdoor pizza ovens.

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How To Lift An Outdoor Pizza Oven

Here are six simple rules that should help you avoid any complications and successfully move your outdoor wood burning pizza oven:

  1. Do not move your outdoor oven all at once.
  2. Always have a large enough space to accommodate the oven.
  3. Use a dolly with wheels when moving your outdoor pizza oven. Also make sure that the oven does not hit any walls or other objects when being moved.
  4. Get a second person to help you balance the weight of the oven and keep it off of the floor so it doesn’t tip over or tip down.
  5. If the oven has wheels, make sure that they are not locked and can turn freely.
  6. Never lift a hot pizza oven! Make sure it is cool before attempting to move it.

If all else fails, hire a professional mover and have it done for you!