How To Build A Homemade Outdoor Pizza Oven DIY

Pizza is love, pizza is life. Often times when people want to explore new things, they turn to pizza. And while a lot of people enjoy purchasing pre-made pizzas, nothing beats the experience of making your own pizza in a best outdoor pizza oven and then eating it outside in your own backyard.  Beginners to outdoor cooking pros can both build an outdoor pizza oven.


How Do I Build A Outdoor Pizza Oven From Scratch

My first DIY pizza oven recommendation would be to check out this step by step video that explains it all in excellent detail.  Watch this construction process video how to build one first.

Choosing A Place For Your Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven

Making this kind of oven requires planning because you need to choose a place where the temperature will not go below zero degrees Celsius and where it has easy access to firewood. This means that you will need to get a area with enough space and where the time of the year is also right for you. You also want your outdoor pizza oven to be in an area that is secure from strong winds and other elements like rain.

Start With The Pizza Oven Base Of Concrete Blocks

You first need to build a foundation for the oven. You can easily do this by using concrete blocks to make the foundation. You just need to place them on a flat surface and let them dry overnight. The next day, you need to set the base of the oven on top of your concrete blocks. You can also use cement for that purpose, but you will need to mix it with sand in order for it to be more stable because it is usually heavy and strong enough not to fall down easily.

Choosing Between Brick Or Clay (Or Both)

Next, you need to choose what base material you want for your outdoor pizza oven. There are many options for brick ovens and it really all depends on your budget and what fits your ovens design better.

If you want something that is more considered as an aesthetic feature, then clay bricks will work great. They come in different sizes and the color can also be customized to match your backyard’s design theme. These bricks are made from clay which means that they can withstand heat better than the regular bricks which are made of concrete.

The other option is to use real brick and make brick pizza ovens. This material has a strong look that can be appreciated by people who prefer unique design features. The downside to this material is that it will require regular maintenance so you have to know that you are going to stick with the oven for a long time before you decide what kind of brick or clay base material you want.

Another choice is to use actual bricks or concrete blocks. The thing that you should consider when choosing this material is that it can be heavy and very difficult to handle. This means that you have to make sure that your homemade pizza oven will be made from modular bricks which are the ones used in construction. These bricks can be pre-made and are usually stored in stock piles ready for being used. Also, if you want them to look better, then it is best if you choose bricks of uniform color.

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Adding The Hearth And The Firebox

After you have decided on the base material, then you can move on to building the hearth. This needs to be built from a brick or a metal layer that will allow heat to pass through it. You do not want this part to be very thick as it will only serve as a spacer between the outside and inside of the oven. The wood fire box, on the other hand, is a very important feature as this will be where you place your firewood. This will serve as the heating element that will cook your pizza from the inside.

Building The Lid And The Opening Mechanism

The next step is to build the lid and the opening mechanism for your outdoor pizza oven. The lid must be made from brick, clay, wood or metal. The most common material is brick. You just need to make sure that the brick is thick enough in order to withstand heat and will not break easily whenever you open and close the oven using its handle. For instance, if you are using a brick layer then it is best to make it 0.5 inches thick before applying another layer on top of it.

You also need to make sure that the lid is placed in-between the hearth and the firebox. There are times when your oven will be doing some activities and you cannot keep it open all of the time. For this reason, it is best if you consider having a locking mechanism on your outdoor pizza oven so that you are able to keep it closed when it is not in use. But there is a way that you can keep your pizza oven open all of the time so that you are able to cook your pizza whenever it is needed. You just need to make a hole on the side if it where you can keep the handle close to your oven.

Do It Yourself Outdoor Pizza Oven Plans

The Pizza Oven Handbook: Builders’ Guide

Would you like to construct your own backyard woodfired brick pizza oven?  It’s not as tough as you may imagine, and with the information in this book, it’s absolutely feasible.  Every stage of the project is laid out for you, and they walk you through it step by step.  From planning to materials to cooking and beyond, they have you covered.

It is absolutely possible for YOU to build an oven like the one seen on the cover photo and serve your family and friends the most amazing pizza and restaurant-quality wood-fired food in your very own house with just a basic level of DIY abilities.

Imagine sliding the first large homemade pizza off the paddle and into the oven, where it will cook in the tremendous heat in less than a minute or two.  Remove it from the oven, which will now smell like an Italian restaurant to everyone who has gathered around it.  Cut the sizzling pizza with the pizza cutter like an expert, and tell everyone to dig in!  Are you prepared to be the talk of the town?

DIY pizza ovens, also known as wood-fired ovens, have been increasingly popular in recent years and continue to do so.

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Making The Outdoor Pizza Oven Build Cheaper

If you are on a budget, then you can find materials that can be used for your outdoor backyard pizza oven. One of these is the cinder block which is made from recyclable materials. You just need to find a source of these blocks and then you can make your own oven out of them, but it will cost you less than if you were to buy them pre-made.

You also do not have to use bricks for your homemade oven because there are also concrete blocks on sale that are used by people as an alternative. This means that they will serve the same purpose as bricks, but they can be bought cheaply.

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In Conclusion

When people want to try new things including a diy wood fired pizza oven, they frequently turn to pizza.  While many people prefer buying pre-made pizzas, nothing compares to the satisfaction of creating your own pizza in an outdoor pizza oven or even a DIY kit and then enjoying it in your own garden.  Building the pizza oven is fun and rewarding!