How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make in Tips?

Your salary as a pizza delivery driver may seem precarious at first. After all, you’re earning your money by delivering delicious pizzas to customers on time. Luckily, you can make stunning deliveries every day if you earn the right reputation.


If your customers like you and trust you, they are far more likely to give you good tips. In fact, tips make up a large part of your income. Tips are extra dollars in your pocket, but it’s important to note that tips aren’t guaranteed. Your customers may be reluctant to give you tips for several reasons. They may not like you personally, or you may lack excellent customer service skills. If you’re having a tough time earning tips, you may want to work on your attitude. You can improve customer service skills by treating your customers with respect and listening to what they have to say.

How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make in Tips?

The average tip for a pizza delivery driver is $4. That means that if customers are generous and tip you a lot of money, you can make $50 or more per day.

However, there is a catch to the pie. More tips are better than fewer tips, but more money is not always better. If you’re having a tough time earning tips, it may be helpful to take some time to analyze your interactions with customers deciding how much to give in a tip.

Is $5 A Good Tip For Pizza Delivery?

Yes, for an average pizza order, $5 is a good tip amount. However, some customers may tip you as much as $10. It’s up to you to decide how much money you should accept as tips. Some drivers accept less than $5, while others accept $10 or more.

When Should You Accept Tips?

You should accept tips when customers are ready to give you extra money. Don’t go back and forth with a delivery order after order. You don’t want to accept tips. If customers say they’re ready to tip you, simply refuse, they may never tip you again.

Tips For Delivery Drivers To Help Them Make More In Tips

Are you looking for ideas to help you earn bigger tips as a delivery driver? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Be pleasant and polite. Even if a customer is rude to you, don’t retaliate, just continue your path and be professional. Smile and accept the fact that everyone is different. You’re likely to make some loyal customers this way.
  • Make eye contact with customers when talking. Let them know that you are listening and don’t mind repeating yourself.
  • Be helpful. For example, if you notice a delivery problem, offer to call the restaurant’s phone number and resolve the issue on their behalf.
  • Acknowledge any pets and be nice to them.
  • Be clean and tidy.

Are Tips Taxable?

Most states tax tips. It is your responsibility to make sure that you follow all of the tax laws set by your state government. Some states may allow you to use tips as a tax, while others do not. Most states will not tax tips, but allow you to keep your tips in a separate account as a tip pool.

Final Words

If you are considering a job in pizza delivery, tips are an important part of your bottom line. If you deliver pizzas, do not be afraid to accept tips. If you are a great delivery person, you have the potential to make a decent amount of money by accepting tips.