What To Do With Overworked Pizza Dough

overworked pizza dough

Are you new to making pizza dough and coming across the common problem of overworking it? Keep reading! What to do with overworked pizza dough? The best thing to do with overworked pizza dough is to stop kneading it and let it rest. It’s a common problem for those that are new to making pizza … Read more

Can You Get Salmonella From Raw Pizza Dough?

eating raw pizza dough

You probably haven’t thought about eating raw pizza dough. Why would you? but in case you are wondering. Can you get salmonella from raw pizza dough? Yes, you can get salmonella from raw pizza dough. You should always cook your pizza dough before you eat it, especially if you are cooking for children or elderly … Read more

Why Do Pizza Pans Have Holes?

pizza pan with holes

Have you ever seen a pizza pan with holes? Why do pizza pans have holes? A pizza pan has holes because it helps the pizza cook more evenly and faster. It gives the hot air a place to flow through and all over the dough, which helps to impart a crispy crust. Pizza Pan With … Read more

Will Pizza Ruin My Diet?

eating pizza on a diet

Are you on a diet but craving pizza? I know the feeling! Will pizza ruin my diet? No, as long as you don’t eat too much. One slice of cheese pizza has around 240 calories and 13 grams of fat, but the good news is that you don’t need to worry about eating too many … Read more

Can You Use Pizza Sauce With Mold?

pizza sauce mold

Do you have some leftover pizza sauce in your fridge that got a little moldy? Can you use pizza sauce with mold? No. You should not eat the moldy pizza sauce as it is likely to have bacteria in it, which could make you very sick. You should definitely throw it out. What Is Mold? … Read more

Do Pizza Makers Wear Gloves?

pizza maker gloves

Have you ever been at a pizza place and peeked into the kitchen to see pizza makers not wearing gloves? There may be a legitimate reason for this. Do pizza makers wear gloves? No.  Pizza makers don’t wear gloves for food safety and cross contamination reasons. If the pizza makers wear gloves, they will be … Read more