Global Pizza Industry Statistics For 2022

What is the pizza industry? Turns out, it’s a highly lucrative, global industry that has billions in revenue each year. Keeping on top of the trendiest innovations in the industry is a must if you want to remain competitive, but marketing in a crowded field can be especially difficult.


Consequently, I always find it valuable to stay up to date and quick-witted when it comes to market changes, trends, and predictions.

What Is The Pizza Industry?

The pizza industry is made of up full and quick service pizza restaurants.

The pizza industry represents an evolving landscape that is always in flux. New companies enter the market all the time, and they often create products that more closely match the preferences of the modern consumer.

Because of this, it is essential for businesses in the pizza industry to regularly update their marketing plans and marketing strategies in order for them to best cater to their customers’ needs.

Food and beverage companies target a wide range of demographics, but pizza is particularly popular in different cultures all over the world. The most common type of pizza in the Western world is the traditional Italian pizza, which typically has more of a crust than a traditional New York-style pizza, but numerous other types of pizzas have also become popular around the world.

Why Pizza Is a Good Business?

Pizza is a good business because people love pizza and it is profitable. Pizza uses a small amount of ingredients to create a delicious meal that satisfies even the most finicky eaters.

Pizza’s easiness of preparation, wide variety, and large consumer base make it a financially rewarding as well. According to the National Restaurant Association, the pizza industry is worth over $230 billion dollars each year, making it an extremely lucrative industry. .

How Big Is the Pizza Market Worldwide?

Globally, the entire pizza market is expected to reach over $233 billion according to –

It certainly isn’t surprising when you see that the average pizza price is hovering around $8 these days. It’s only increasing in popularity, too. The pizza industry needs to keep up with demand so supply remains steady and prices remain affordable.

How Big Is the Pizza Market in the USA?

In America, the pizza market is expected to reach $53.8 billion. This number is substantial and is only expected to increase as more restaurants and stores open across the United States.

Is the Pizza Industry Competitive?

Yes, the pizza industry is competitive because this food category is always adapting to changing and innovating. New products are always being created, and existing products are being improved upon.

Pizza is so popular that consumers can easily have different types in the same day. Because of this, companies must up their game if they want to hold their place in the competition.

Who Dominates the Pizza Industry?

The USA large pizza chains, Domino’s and Pizza Hut, have been dominating the industry for decades and their market share continues to grow. Over the last two decades, the number of establishments selling pizza has significantly increased, but these companies are still consistently operating at a high level.

Are There any Recently Established Companies That Are Dominating the Pizza Industry?

There are a few new companies that have gained more market share in recent years, such as Papa Johns, Dory’s, Fresha Pizza, MOD Pizza, and Blaze Pizza.


The global pizza industry is a profitable business, but competition is intense and it’s essential to pay attention to the latest innovations. It’s also important to consider your geographic strengths and weaknesses to remain successful in the face of tough competition.