Can You Use Pizza Sauce With Mold?

pizza sauce mold

Do you have some leftover pizza sauce in your fridge that got a little moldy? Can you use pizza sauce with mold? No. You should not eat the moldy pizza sauce as it is likely to have bacteria in it, which could make you very sick. You should definitely throw it out. What Is Mold? … Read more

Moldy Pizza – Can Frozen Pizza Get Mold?

frozen pizza mold

Do you have a frozen pizza that you have had in your freezer for awhile? Not sure if you should eat it? Can frozen pizza get mold? Yes, even frozen pizzas can get mold. If you notice any mold on your pizza, throw it away immediately. You can’t tell if it is safe to eat … Read more

Do Pizza Makers Wear Gloves?

pizza maker gloves

Have you ever been at a pizza place and peeked into the kitchen to see pizza makers not wearing gloves? There may be a legitimate reason for this. Do pizza makers wear gloves? No.  Pizza makers don’t wear gloves for food safety and cross contamination reasons. If the pizza makers wear gloves, they will be … Read more

How Many Calories Are There In A Pepperoni Pizza?

pepperoni pizza calories

I know the zesty smell of a pepperoni pizza is priceless! It’s meaty, spicy, and chewy. It’s actually one of the best types of pizza you can ever have. It comes with a great crust, gooey cheese, and tons of pepperoni that makes a perfect party or dinner. But you also have to care about … Read more