Is Pizza Dough Bread?

Pizza dough seems to be a very hot topic lately, especially of late. A lot of people have been debating whether or not pizza dough bread is actually bread. Is pizza dough bread?

Yes, technically, pizza dough is bread. Pizza dough is made with flour, yeast, water and sometimes extra ingredients like salt. When these things are combined they become bread.

So, for the most part, pizza dough is bread (and pretty good bread at that). The only thing that keeps pizza dough from being considered as actual bread is that it is not leavened through the use of a chemical leavener. In other words, no baking soda or baking powder is used to make pizza dough rise during the mixing stage.


Can You Make A Loaf Of Bread With Pizza Dough?

Yes, absolutely. You can take the same pizza dough recipe that you use to make pizza and just shape it into a loaf of bread. The result? A nice loaf of bread that you can do just about anything with.

The only thing that is different is the cooking time. More specifically, a loaf of bread takes a lot longer to cook than a pizza does. This means that you have to allow more time for the it to bake in the oven, which can cause problems if your guests get hungry before it’s ready.

While the crust of the dough may become a little crispy, the inside of the bread will be soft and delicious. Kids will absolutely love this bread.

It’s also worth noting that you need to use a pretty stiff dough. If you don’t, it is going to fall apart when you try to transfer it from the pizza stone to a baking sheet before baking. Additionally, if you are using this recipe for making bread sticks it can be done by cutting long strips of dough instead of shaping them into a loaf form.

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Bread Dough Vs Pizza Dough

I think the better question is, “Is bread dough better than pizza dough?” I would say that it depends on what you prefer. If you like a softer, sweeter bread that is quite flavorful then go for bread dough over pizza dough.

If you like a crispy crust and a heavier, more flavorful experience with every bite then go for pizza dough.

There is no right or wrong here; it’s all personal preference and everyone has his or her own taste in food.

And hey, why not make both? If you are making pizza dough for pizza, use the dough recipe for making bread. If you are using the bread recipe to make pizza dough, alter it to meet your liking. You can do it!

Can You Use Bread Yeast For Pizza Dough?

Yes, you can use bread yeast for pizza dough! The one thing about bread yeast is that it takes a little longer to rise than other yeasts. If you let the dough rise in the pan instead of forming it into individual pies, this will help keep your crust nice and chewy.


So, is pizza dough bread? Technically speaking it is, so you can feel free to use it this way. You can also consider pizza dough as a substitute for any recipe calling for standard loaf of bread. If so desired, you can even shape the dough into a loaf before baking. As long as you are using a stiffer dough, the results will be quite good.

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