Pizza Birthday Party Ideas

A pizza party is a fantastic theme for children’s, tweens’, and teenagers’ birthday parties! Everyone enjoys pizza! Sometimes you can use a little help with thinking up pizza birthday party ideas!

The decoration and the food should follow a pizza color theme. Pizza toss, pizza puzzle, pizza charades and creating a crazy pizza are excellent options for pizza party games. Activity pages, pinata, pin the pepperoni on the pizza and make your own mini pizzas are great options for birthday party goers.

This article will cover the best ideas for a pizza birthday party. Make the pizza birthday party even more enjoyable using these great pizza-themed birthday party activities, games, decorations, sayings, and food ideas!

Pizza Party Decorations

Use green, white, and red plastic table covers to cover a table. Make an arc of green, red, and white balloons over the table. Alternatively, red and white striped tablecloths can cover party tables. To decorate the room, buy pizza-shaped balloons. Pizza-shaped balloons can be found on Amazon or at your local party store.

Make a banner that says “Bon Appetit” or “_____ pizzeria” above the table. Purchase paper chef’s hats and place one on each guest’s plate. Allow guests to wear them throughout the party and take them home as party favors!

Use red, green, and white napkins and cups on the table or red and white checkered napkins and cups.

Fun Pizza Party Sayings:

Here is a great idea to add to your pizza party ideas. Hang up these fun pizza sayings around the room to add to your birthday celebration. Use it as a party room or food/dessert table sign or on your Pizza Party Invitations!

  1. I love you to pizzas!
  2. I want a pizza you!
  3. Have a cheesy good time!
  4. You had me at pizza!
  5. Have a supreme time!
  6. Stay cheesy!

Pizza Birthday Party Food Ideas

Bake a round vanilla cake. Red frosting should be applied to the cake. If you prefer, you can use shaved white chocolate or coconut the next time you add the “cheese.” Place your cheese on top of the cake. Cover the top of the cake with red and brown M&Ms. Serve the birthday cake in the form of a pizza box. No time to make a cake, use an ice cream cake instead.

Another option is to make a dessert pizza by cutting plain sugar cookies into pieces and allowing guests to decorate their pizza cookies. They can make their creations with icing and candy.

You can choose to purchase pizza from your favorite provider. Not sure how much you need? Try this Pizza Party Calculator.

Pizza Party Games

There are lots of different games you can play. One of the easiest ideas to keep the kids sitting down, is to complete puzzles and activities in this Pizza Party Packet. You can download it right now and it will be ready to go to add to your birthday party packages.

Try taking the Pizza Quiz. Make a contest to see who gets the most questions correct.

Pizza Toss

Red Frisbees, five buckets of varying sizes, and construction paper are required. Make pizza-shaped red frisbees out of white paper and red circles. Allow guests to throw frisbees into buckets placed around the room/yard. The further they are from the bucket, the more points they receive. The player who has the most points after three throws wins the game!

Pin the Topping on the Pizza

You’ll need construction paper, a blindfold, and tape. Make a white circle and tape it to the wall. Give each player three red circles. Spin them three times while blindfolded. Whoever can correctly place the most pepperonis on the pizza wins!

Pizza Puzzle

Print out a pizza image and cut it into various shapes. Scramble the pieces and divide the participants into groups of two. The teams will collaborate to solve the puzzle on the count of three. The person who solves the puzzle the fastest wins!

Pizza Charades

Form groups of two partygoers. Write down the name of any pizza (chicken pizza, BBQ pizza, Buffalo pizza, etc), and the players will act it out for 15 seconds. The team which can get the most correct guesses wins!

Create a Crazy Pizza!

Grab some Pizza kits are required (Crust, sauce, cheese, pepperoni.) and strange ingredients (pickles, apples, chocolate, coconut, etc.). Give the attendees pizza kits (crust, sauce, cheese, etc.) and provide a strange assortment of ingredients (pickles, chocolate, fruit, etc.) Give the players 30 minutes to make the craziest pizza possible!

Blindfolded Pizzeria

You will require the following:

  • Blindfold
  • Pizza-making kits (crust, sauce, cheese, pepperoni, etc.)

Divide the guests into groups of two. One of the team members is blindfolded. The player who is not blindfolded will be in charge of explaining how to make the pizza to the other team member. The blindfolded member will place sauce, cheese, and toppings on their pizza as instructed by their teammate. After 20 minutes, whoever has the best-looking pizza wins!

Pizza Box Relay

You will need the following:

  • Two buckets, each containing four red balloons.
  • Two buckets, each containing two black balloons
  • Two buckets, each containing four yellow balloons
  • Two pizza boxes (empty/clean).

Divide the party into two groups. Form a relay line and distribute the pizza boxes/buckets. Use an empty card table on the other side of the room. When told to “GO!” The first player will wear the pizza box on their head and pick up one balloon at a time. They will sprint across the room to drop off the balloons at their “pizza station,” taking care not to drop the pizza box on their heads; if they do, the team will have to start over! Each team member will take turns bringing pizza pieces to the pizza station. The first team to bring all of their ingredients to the table wins!

Pizza Scavenger Hunt

You’ll need construction paper and two pieces of poster board. On each poster board, draw one pizza. Each slice should be cut out and hidden around the room. Next, Make red pepperoni circles and hide them around the room. When told to “GO!” Each team will search the room for all of their pizza slices and the correct number of pepperonis. (Depending on the number of cuts made. If you cut four for each team, they must find all four 4) The team that finishes their pizza the fastest wins!


  • 1. Make your own felt pizza. Purchase various colored felt sheets and let the guests create their own pretend pizza.
  • 2. Make your pizza aprons. Purchase inexpensive aprons from your local party store. Allow the guests to decorate their aprons with fabric paint.

Pizza Party Favors and Take-Home Ideas

The easiest pizza party favor and take home ideas is to use this Pizza Party Activity Packet. Just print it, staple it together, and you are all set to give it to your pizza lovers. You can toss it in goody bags if you want.

Activities: Pizza Birthday Party Ideas

These are the birthday party activities for children, tweens, and teens for a fun birthday party or group activity! Pick your favorite birthday party activities to go along with your party theme!


Kids can take home a fun activity and a birthday party gift. Before the party, buy T-shirts (I’ve used Hanes T-shirts in a package or bought them for as little as $2 each at craft stores) and wash and dry them. Set out fabric markers and fabric paints to decorate the shirts with. Iron-on letters come in a variety of styles. Combine various styles to spell out their name or a funny saying. Tip: Place large grocery sacks, cardboard, or poster boards inside the shirt to keep the paint from bleeding to the back. Teens and Tweens have a great time making and wearing these shirts.


It is a fun activity for birthday sleepovers or extended parties where the kids can print out photos. Make a scrapbook for each partygoer. Set out scrapbooking supplies for them to make a page about their friends and the party. Add pizza stickers too!

Conclusion on Pizza Birthday Party Ideas

We hope our article helped with the best pizza birthday party ideas to ensure a great time. It is great to add a pizza theme to a birthday party because pizza is something loved by everyone! Hopefully the guest of honor has a very happy birthday!


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