Can You Eat Week Old Pizza?

leftover pizza in fridge

Do you have some old pizza in your fridge and you are hungry.  Thinking about eating it?

Can you eat week old pizza?

No.  Pizza is a perfect food. It can be eaten hot out of the oven, warmed up for breakfast the next day, or cold after a few days in the fridge. There are however some exceptions when it comes to eating week old pizza. 

If your pizza is extremely wet (ie. with tomato sauce), then you should avoid eating it at all costs since the bacteria will multiply quickly in this environment and you will end up sick.

How Old Pizza Can You Eat And How Long Is Pizza Good For In The Fridge?

As a rule of thumb you can eat a slice of leftover pizza that has been sitting in your refrigerator in an airtight container for up to 4 days shelf life, but the more wet the pizza the less you can eat it.

If your slice is older than that, then it would be unwise to consume it.

I would say that these rules apply to both homemade, frozen pizza and takeaway leftover pizza.

Can Week Old Pizza Make You Sick?

Yes, it can.

If your pizza is very moist and you don’t know how old it is then you will increase the risk of getting sick.

Bacteria multiply rapidly in a wet environment and if your slice is more than four days old then you should avoid eating it, otherwise you risk getting food poisoning.

The fact that you are in you own home also increases the risk of food poisoning since there is no one to clean up the mess when you end up puking in your bathroom.

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When Is Week Old Pizza Bad?

If your cold pizza slices are older than four days then it is very likely already bad. As I said above, bacteria multiply rapidly when in contact with moisture, so after three days it is unlikely that you will get sick but after four days the chances go way up.

How Can You Tell That Pizza Is Bad?

What does bad pizza smells like?  If your pizza is bad it will have a very pungent smell.

Smells like moldy bread, or old cheese are both very strong indicators that your pizza is bad.

Avoid any slices that have these smells, because if the slice doesn’t smell this way something else on there probably will… and it won’t be anything good.

What Does Bad Pizza Taste Like?

The taste of bad pizza is not very pleasant.

The slice will be dry since the moisture has evaporated, but other than that there are no real indicators that it is bad other than your nose telling you otherwise.

If you smell anything off, then I would say avoid eating it.

How Long Is Pizza Good For Out Of The Fridge?

If you pizza has been sitting at room temperature, I would not recommend eating it if it has been out of the fridge for a couple hours or more.

Can Pizza Give You Food Poisoning?

Yes.  To avoid food poisoning from spoiled pizza, don’t eat anything older than 4 days.

I have heard that pepperoni slices of pizza is the safest to eat, so you might want to try that first if you are still hungry after four days.


Can you eat week old leftover pizza?  Probably not. The more moisture the slice has in it, the less you can eat it.

Try to avoid eating anything that is older than 4 days since it is likely already bad.

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