How Much Is A Home Pizza Oven?

Are you thinking about buying a pizza oven but not sure how much you will need to spend? Then you are in luck because we have put together an article all about how much a pizza oven costs. From the cheapest to the most expensive oven, we will show you what each model can do for you and how much it is going to cost.


Residential Indoor Pizza Oven Prices

This is the cheapest option you can get. These indoor pizza oven models are usually electric and gas ovens that are meant for home use. They are not big enough to make more than one pizza per session and might take a little longer to heat up, but their prices make them very affordable. They come in handy when you do not want to use a traditional oven or an outdoor grill to cook your pizza, but you still want the taste of fresh baked pizza in your house.

Electric Countertop Pizza Ovens

This model is by far the most popular when it comes to residential pizza ovens. It is usually a single or double deck oven that resembles a regular countertop oven. It has an electric heating element and an insulated door that can help maintain the heat inside the chamber for longer. This model is also very easy to use and can hold up to six pizzas depending on their size. They are self-regulated so there is no worry about over or under cooking your pizza.

The cost of these types of pizza ovens typically range between $200 – $300 on average for a good model.

Gas Stove Top Pizza Ovens

This pizza oven is specially designed to turn your regular gas or electric stove into a professional quality pizza oven. They are basically a portable kit that works very well in any type of home and they can be installed easily by anyone. This model also comes with an insulated door that you can use to help regulate the temperature.

The model is usually made out of stainless steel because it is the only type of metal that can withstand the high heat these ovens produce.

The cost of these types of pizza ovens typically range between $50 – $200 on average for a good model.

Residential Outdoor Pizza Oven Prices

If you are looking for something that’s more than just a countertop pizza oven, then an outdoor pizza oven might be what you are looking for.

DIY Brick Wood Burning Pizza Ovens

This model is the most traditional type of pizza oven that you can get. It is usually made out of brick and mortar and can heat up quickly. It is also very easy to cook your pizza because you do not need to use any special tools or equipment. You can use it on a regular stove top or in an outdoor grill and even in your back yard.

The cost of these depend on what materials you choose to build it with and the size you want. However, for a decent sized one, you can expect to pay around $1000 for the materials. If you decide to have a professional build it for you, it will probably be in the $2000 range.

Pizza Oven Kits

You can also buy a complete DIY kit to build your own outdoor pizza oven. These include everything you need to build it. They usually come in kits for around $600 on average. They might also come with a complete instruction manual, but you will still need to do some research to make sure you know how to use it properly.

The cost of these depend on the size, what materials are included and how much you go over budget. However, they typically range between $2000 – $4000 on average for the best models. But, I’ve seen large models that include a build in outdoor fire place and wood storage in the $800 range.

These kits can be all over the place in price depending on what you get.

Wood Pellet Pizza Ovens

If you do not want to use wood or gas, then you can buy a pellet pizza oven to cook your pizza in. They are electric and use wood pellets as fuel. You can set the temperature and the time, so everything is self-regulated. You can also get a wood burning pizza oven that works very similarly but uses wood as fuel instead of pellets.

The cost of these can vary depending on what brand and model you get, but they typically range between $300 – $400 on average for a quality model.

Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens

Outdoor gas pizza ovens are supplied with propane tank and the burner is made from stainless steel. This model can heat up quickly and reach temperatures that are close to 800° Fahrenheit. Smaller models come with a shutter door that you can use to regulate the temperature inside. They also come with a higher price tag but they offer more features as compared to other options.

The cost of these can vary depending on what brand and model you get, but they typically range between $300 – $500 on average for a quality model.

Charcoal Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

As you can guess from the name, this pizza oven is fueled by burnt chips of charcoal. Typically these are gas powered and can reach temperatures of around 700° Fahrenheit. You can also get ones made out of steel or aluminum but they will be more expensive.

The cost of these can vary depending on what brand and model you get, but they typically range between $300 – $700 on average for a quality model.

Options That Can Take Multiple Types Of Fuel

Pizza ovens that take multiple types of fuel tend to be more expensive than the other options. They also offer more things you can do with them as they are not limited to just making pizza. They typically come with a burner and a chimney so you can use them inside your kitchen or outside.

They also have different cooking modes that you can use depending on what type of food you are going to cook. The modes include bake, broil and grill which offer different heat ranges for cooking meat, fish and vegetables respectively.

Are Home Pizza Ovens Worth It?

Yes, for me, it is very worth the price!

Is it worth it to invest in a home pizza oven if you do not have a lot of space? Well, the answer depends on two things. The first thing is your budget and the other is your cooking style. If you are going to use it for just pizza, then you should get one that is made for that purpose.

If you want to use it for other types of food as well, then you might want to consider getting one that can do multiple things. They all offer different options, depending on how much it costs and what features you get.


So, which is the best home pizza oven to buy? Well, that depends on your needs and what options you are looking for. Hopefully I’ve covered most of the details of each model so that you can make an informed decision. Each one has their own strong points and they all have their downsides as well.

The best models tend to be able to reach high temperatures quickly in order to cook your food evenly and it should also be easy to use.