Can A 12 Year Old Order Pizza?

Yes, a 12 year old can order a pizza. Anyone of any age can order a pizza through the phone. You just have to provide your name no matter how old you are. As long as you can pay for it, you are good to go!


How Old Do You Have To Be To Order Pizza?

A person of any age can order a large, medium or a small pizza from different pizza shops. You have to have money in order to pay for your pizza. The amount of money you have to pay for your pizza depends on the size of your pizza.

Since a 12 year old is old enough to know what they want on their pizza, they should be able to make their own choices when ordering it. A 12 year old should be able to order a medium pepperoni pizza with stuffed crust and extra cheese. The ingredients are chosen by the customers themselves.

What If You Order Without Your Parents Knowing?

An adult should know the phone number of their local pizza shop. The adult might want to hold back a little bit of money from his or her parents so that he or she can order pizza for the family.

What About Pizza Delivery?

A 12 year old can order pizza to be delivered to their house. The driver will know who the 12 year old is and will bring them the pizza if they pay for it. If the 12 year old pays online, then they can pay through a credit card instead of cash. Once the 12 year old pays for the pizza, it cannot be returned or exchanged.

Do I Need My Parents Permission?

A 12 year old should not need to ask their parents if they can order a pizza. If a parent is not home, the child should be allowed to order one. They should also be allowed to pay for it with money from their piggy bank. If the parent does not want their child ordering pizza, then the parent needs to set limits for them and make sure that they follow them.

Can I Order Pizza At A Store?

There are some pizza shops that sell uncooked pizzas. The 12 year old would have to cook the pizza at home. The adult may need to supervise the child while they are cooking the pizza to make sure they are doing it correctly. If a person is allergic to a certain ingredient, then they will have to check with their doctor before eating the pizza.

What If My Parents Are Late?

A driver will not be able to come and get the pizza if a person is not home to order it yet. The driver will have to wait until the person orders it. The adult should make sure that the 12 year old is doing exactly what he or she does today on the phone when ordering pizza. The adult should supervise the child and make sure that they are using the phone properly.


There are many different types of pizza that a 12 year old can order. It does not matter if a person is young or old, they can order whatever they want on their pizza. The only limit is the size of the pizza. A 12 year old should be allowed to order a large one-topping pizza and two medium two-topping pizzas. This will allow them to share with their friends and family members.