Pizza Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you think you are a pro regarding knowledge about pizza? Test your knowledge with our pizza trivia questions quiz, which is ideal for playing with family, and friends or while waiting for the delivery guy!

Our excellent trivia includes questions about anything and everything related to one of America’s favorite foods: Pizza. From children’s pizza questions to current Pizza facts, including the strange, the wonderful, and everything in between.

This article is about pizza trivia, including the answers to many exciting questions. The trivia content is divided into 5 parts about pizza: General, History, Kids, Worldwide, Facts & Figures. So, can you handle some pizza action? Let us find out!

General Trivia Questions About Pizza

This section contains a random pizza quiz that may be interesting or useful to know if you’re ever tested on your general pizza knowledge! Add some fun to your next pizza party with these pizza trivia questions.

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This section is suitable for all players, provided they’re up for a bit of cheese! It covers everything from how much we love it to why we love it and some fun facts.

1. What is America’s favorite pizza topping?


2. Where is the farthest Pizza Hut has delivered a Pizza?

The International Space Station, in 2001.

3. What is the most famous day to order pizza in the United States?

Superbowl Sunday.

4. What month is national pizza month?


5. How much did one man eat (in pounds) pizza in one week to break the world record?

200 pounds.

6. In what year were frozen pizzas available to be bought from stores?


7. Where is Papa John’s pizza’s main branch and headquarters?

Atlanta, Georgia.

8. What American brand is most popular regarding frozen pizza?


 9. What are the two pizza toppings Dwayne Johnson called his jam?

Ham and Pineapple.

 10. How many slices of pizza are being eaten every second in America?


 11. Domino launched its first non-pizza menu item in 1992. What was it?


12. What is the most famous size pizza in the U.S.?

14inches diameter.

13. Traditional flatbread is frequently regarded as the forerunner to the pizza we know and love today. What country was it born in?


14. The Louis XIII Pizza is the world’s most expensive pizza. Preparation takes 72 hours. How much does a single one cost you, at least?


15. What is the most popular pizza topping in the United States?

Pepperoni (that was an easy one)

 16. What is the second most famous pizza topping in the United States?


17. What percentage of American citizens eat pizza for breakfast?

Around 36%

18. On December 13th, 2012, the world’s giant pizza was prepared in Rome, Italy. What was the surface area of this massive pizza to the nearest thousand?

14,000 feet squared. So, it was 120 feet in diameter.

19. True or false? While an astronaut was in orbit, a pizza was delivered to them.

True (Pizza Hut delivered it)

20. What is the most famous day of the year to order pizza in the United States?

Super Bowl Sunday

21. What is the technical term used for the outer edge of a pizza’s crust?


22. Which major war resulted in the skyrocketing popularity of pizza in the United States?

World War II

23. When was tomato added to pizza?

The late 18th century

24. What is the oldest, continuously-operated (meaning it was never closed down for any extended period) pizzeria in the United States?

Papa’s Tomato Pies (located in Trenton, NJ)

25. In 2006, Cristian Dumitru set the world record for the number of pounds of pizza eaten by one person in a week. How many pounds of pizza did he eat?

200 pounds of pizza

26. Where is the annual pizza expo held? Yes, it exists. It is not open to the public.

Las Vegas, NV

Pizza Trivia Throughout History

It’s strange to imagine a world without pizza, but it exists. Here’s our section on pizza throughout history, the where, whats, whens, and whys that have shaped the pizza we know and love today.

Are you ready to put your pizza knowledge to the test? Let’s get started!

1. What American State is home to the country’s first-ever pizzeria?

New York.

2. In what year was the word ‘pizza’ first recorded?

997 C.E.

3. What was the Margherita named after?

Queen Margherita of Italy

4. Where in America was the deep dish pizza created?


5. Where was pizza invented?

Naples, Italy.

6. How was pizza sold initially before the beginning of pizzerias?

Street vendors sold it by the slice. It was deemed poor man’s food, unfit for restaurant use. – How times have changed!

7. In what year did the lucky NYC inhabitants become the first Americans to taste pizza?


8. When Mario’s Pizza opened in 1958 in New York, how much was a pizza with five toppings then?

$1.25; the toppings were meatballs, pepperoni, anchovies, mushrooms, and cheese.

9. Flatbread is considered the advent of pizza, but which country does this come from?


10. In the current time at Pizza Hut, a large pizza is $14.99; how much was the same pizza in the 1960s?


Kids Pizza Trivia Questions

Few children do not enjoy pizza, but how much do they understand about it?

This section is dedicated to Kids’ pizza trivia questions. You can test your children’s pizza knowledge.

1. What role does pizza play in the iconic film Home Alone?

Kevin was sent to his room after an argument over a cheese pizza; if this hadn’t happened, perhaps his parents would not have forgotten about him!

2. What are the famous shapes of pizza?

Circular, Oblong, Square.

3. What fruit toppings are used on a Hawaiian pizza?


4. Tomato belongs to what food group?


5. What comic book superheroes love pizza?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

6. There is a Pizzeria in Toy Story; what is it called?

Pizza Planet.

7. What well-known candy company provides dessert menu items for Pizza Hut restaurants, such as cookies, brownies, and dunkers?


8. What pizza chain would you go to if you had a ‘Star Birthday Package,’ a ‘Mega Super Star Birthday Package,’ or an ‘Ultimate Super Star Birthday Package?’

Chuck E Cheese.

9. What is the name of Koo Koo Kanga Roo’s YouTube hit, which has over 13 million views?

‘All I eat is pizza.’

10. What is the only pizza-related item in every Pixar Planet film?

The Pizza Planet delivery truck.

11. How many pizza restaurants are there in America?

More than 70,000.

Around The World Pizza Trivia Questions

Let’s look at how pizza is received worldwide, who likes it, who doesn’t, and where you can get caviar-topped pizza.

In this trivia section, you can find out how crazy the rest of the world is about pizza.

1. Josh Anderson of New Zealand holds the world record for eating a full-sized pizza in the shortest amount of time. How long did he take?

1 minute 45 seconds.

2. When was the first pizzeria built in North Korea?


3. What topping does the Japanese use regularly on their pizza?


4. Nino’s Bellissima Pizza, the one in Manhattan, New York, offers a pizza with white truffle, lobster, and caviar on the menu. What is the price of this pizza?


5. In the 1960s, which European city was said to be the most difficult to find pizza?


6. How many restaurants worldwide are Pizza Hut’s property?


7. Where was Hawaiian pizza invented?


8. When was the first Pizza Hut launched in Australia?


9. Which country has the second highest number of Domino’s restaurants, after the United States?


10. What is the word used for pizza in Spanish?


11. What country consumes the least amount of pizza?


Pizza Trivia – Pizza Facts and Figures

Unless you’re an expert on pizza facts and figures, this section may require some guesswork!

Some answers may surprise you; others may seem unbelievable – but we’ve checked our sauces!’

(Note: Because some of these questions are difficult, the person who gets the closest answer should be awarded points.)

1. How many Americans eat pizza at least once a month? Answer in percentage.


2. How many books are there about pizza on Amazon?

Over 26,000.

3. How many pizzas are delivered by Pizza Hut United States on Super Bowl Sunday?

2.5 million.

4. How much is the pizza industry worth in the United States?

$38 billion.

5. How many pizzerias are there in New York?

Around 9,000.

6. By Dominoes’ create your own pizza’, how many possible combinations are there?

34 million.

7. How much is spent on frozen pizzas each year in the United Kingdom?

£45.4 million.

8. How many pizzas are topped with pepperoni in the United States? Answer in percentage.


9. What is the most well-known weekend evening for United States citizens to order a pizza?

Saturday night.

10. How many Americans prefer thin-crust pizzas? Answer in percentage.


11. How many United States restaurants are pizzerias? Answer in percentage.



How did you fare on our pizza trivia? We hope you enjoyed this quiz and learned something new about pizza. Why not put your head to the test with our Trivia? Do this with your friends and family, and try one of the trivia questions and answers above.

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