How to Cut Pizza Without Pizza Cutter – Different Cutting Methods

Pizza is one of the best food recipes to try and make all on your own. This food is relatively easy to prepare, and there are so many different toppings you can add. When you are just starting out with making your own pizza, you might not have all the equipment on hand just yet. 

A pizza wheel cutter is one of these tools you might choose to purchase at a later stage, and it’s also pretty easy to misplace your pizza cutter.

If you want to know how to cut a pizza without a cutter, then worry no more. In this guide, we are going to share some of the best pizza-cutting methods that other chefs use when serving up slices of pizza.

How Many Slices Should Your Pizza Have?

Before you start cutting the pizza into smaller slices, you might need to figure out how many slices you would like. Standard pizzas usually have 8 slices, but you can vary the amount in either direction. It’s also best to consider square vs. triangular pizza slices before you start cutting. 

Just remember to keep the pizza rule of thumb in mind when you are baking or buying pizza. This will ensure that everyone gets enough on their plate!

How to Cut Pizza Without Pizza Cutter?

Pizza is traditionally cut using a mezzaluna, also known as a pizza cutter, pizza wheel, or roller blade. This classic pizza cutter makes it much quicker to create perfect slices. This simple tool consists of a stainless steel wheel with sharpened edges and a handle on one end. The circular blade slides over the pizza easily and quickly cuts it into smaller slices.

While most people use the traditional mezzaluna to cut pizzas, it is hardly the only way to go about slicing this favorite food. The one problem is that the blade can get dull. Many chefs prefer alternative cutting methods like the following.


Sharp scissors are an excellent alternative for cutting crispy pizza, as a sharp pair of kitchen shears will give you a lot of control over your cuts. The chances of damaging the pizza plate, pan, or board are also significantly lower because the scissors will only cut the food while a knife or sharp cutter often cuts through the fresh pizza.

How to Cut Pizza Using Kitchen Scissors

To use a pair of scissors for cutting pizza, it is always best to let the pizza rest for a couple of minutes, so you can handle it without burning your fingers. 

Grab a spatula and loosen the pizza base from the pan or pizza board. It is always best to transfer the pizza onto a cutting board.

Now simply grab your kitchen shears and snip the pizza into any shape or size you like. You might get some jagged slices while using scissors, but we’re certain that the pizza will still taste just as good.

Chef’s Knife

cutting pizza with knife

You can also use a chef’s knife to cut your pizza. This is a terrific solution for complete beginners who might still be stocking up on quality pizza-making equipment. A chef’s knife is a versatile tool that can be used to cut up just about any food item, and it is certainly suitable for cutting pizza into equal slices.

If your chef’s knife is sharp enough, then you should have no trouble cutting any type of pizza. It’s pretty easy to create a clean-cut pizza slice. These are ideal knives for cutting anything, from deep-dish pizzas, to hand-tossed pizzas and traditional thin-crust pizzas.

How to Cut Pizza Using a Chef’s Knife

When you are using a chef’s knife to cut pizza, it’s always best to cut the food right out of the oven while it’s still very hot. When all the ingredients are nice and hot, the knife can slide through easier, and you can get the perfect cut much more quickly.

Ideally, you should slide the pizza out of the pizza pan and onto a cutting board. The sharp knife can easily scratch or damage a pizza pan and can ruin its non-stick coating. 

Now grab your chef’s knife and keep a firm grip while you quickly cut the pizza in any shape or size you may desire. If you are having a tough time with a dense crust, you can use a gentle sawing motion to get through the thicker pizza crust.

Butcher’s Knife

A butcher’s knife can be a handy tool for cutting up or halving smaller pizzas. This type of knife with its heavy blade will divide your pizza into halves or smaller pieces in one chop, but can be challenging to use on larger pizzas because butcher knives are designed to chop rather than slice. 

How to Cut Pizza Using a Butchers Knife

When using a butcher’s knife, it is best to let the homemade pizza cool for a couple of minutes before chopping it to size. Chopping often results in splashes of oil, which can burn your skin if the sauces are still hot.

Remember to slide the pizza out of the pizza pan or off the pizza board so you won’t damage your beautiful pizza stone or pan.

To cut the cold pizza, you can place the tip of the sharp blade on the edge of the crust, or right in the center of the pizza and push down on the handle. The blade will cut through the thick pizza in one sweep. Lift the blade out and cut the pizza again if desired.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to cut pizza without a pizza cutter is just one of the many adventures you will take on while learning to make your own delicious pizzas. 

If you are looking for other helpful pizza-making, cutting, or storing tips then you should have a look at some of the other guides we have on The Pizza Calculator. With our guides, you can find all the pizza-making tips, pizza recipes, and equipment you need.