Should French Bread Pizza Be in Oven or Broiler?

Are you craving a french bread pizza but unsure what the best type of oven would be to cook it? Should you use a broiler or oven? Each will cook the pizza differently, so you’ll want to know which one is better before firing up the oven.


French Bread Pizza In Oven vs Broiler

The first question you need to answer is what type of oven you have. First thing is, do you have a convection oven or a conventional oven? A convection oven has an easier time cooking all kinds of foods evenly. It’s ideal for cooking breads and pizzas too. If you don’t have a convection, you can still bake your french bread pizza in a regular conventional oven.

Or you maybe considering using a broiler, which is also a good option.

Both ovens and broilers have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at each one before you decide on one.

Cooking French Bread Pizza In An Oven

Baking a french bread pizza in an oven is a good start. If you heat your oven up to the correct temperature, you should be able to get your pizza cooked in no time.

The results you get are usually tasty too, although sometimes the toppings can burn on the edges or loaf before the center is cooked enough. You might be able to remedy this by monitoring the pizza more closely or reducing the heat slightly.

Using an oven is one of the easier ways to prepare a french bread pizza, and it won’t cost you too much either.

Cooking French Bread Pizza In A Broiler

Cooking a french bread pizza in a broiler will have the same results as a conventional oven. All you have to do is ramp up the temperature a little higher and keep an eye on it while it cooks. It’s a bit different though, because usually you’ll need to turn the broiler off a couple of minutes before the pizza is done, otherwise the crust can burn quickly.

Broilers are easier to operate than ovens but they aren’t as reliable for baking foods evenly, because they often heat unevenly and can become too hot to cook evenly inside. But a broiler can cook faster than an oven does, so if you need to finish the pizza quickly, a broiler is a great option.

My Personal Choice

When I make french bread pizza, I prefer to start it in a conventional oven and then finish it off under the broiler. I start my oven at 350°F and finish it at 450°F for at least 5 minutes to get the crust nice and crisp and the cheese nicely melted and browned.