Is Chicago Pizza Thin Or Thick?

Padding my pockets with a slice of Chicago pizza is always a treat when I visit family there. There’s just so much to love about the city of Chicago – the nightlife, the sports, and of course that amazing pizza!


But have you ever wondered why the pizza in Chicago is called “Chicago-style”? It’s actually pretty simple – Chicago-style pizza simply refers to the type of crust that’s used.

Is Chicago Pizza Thin Or Thick?

A Chicago style pizza is thick! And by “thick”, I mean there to be a lot of dough underneath the toppings. In fact, this doughy crust is laid thick enough that it ends up towering over the rest of the pie on the sides. The fillings are piled high and there’s usually a sauce layer on top before the crust layer. A slice of this pizza is then cut into triangle pieces and devoured with a fork and knife.

How Thick Is A Chicago Pizza?

The typical Chicago style pizza is usually 2 to 3 inches tall.

Why Is Chicago Pizza So Thick?

A traditional pizza is thin and crispy with a very thin layer of cheese on top of all the toppings. On the other hand, a Chicago pizza is made thicker with a wider layer of cheese on top and around the toppings. This is because here in Chicago, we use a lot of cheese on our pizza! A deep dish pie is almost like a casserole – it can carry a lot of toppings and cheese.

How Is It Made To Be A Thick Pizza?

While it’s easy to make a thin based pizza, it’s much harder to make a thick based one. However, the thin crust makes for a delicious pizza and is delicious in its own right, but a thick crust makes a world of difference!

Basically, the crust is made thicker with a much thicker layer of dough, which is then topped with all the necessary ingredients like cheese and toppings. Chicago-style pizzas can be thick or thin, depending on exactly what you want. So the next time you head down to Chicago for that delicious deep dish pizza, you’ll know that you’re getting an authentic slice of Chicago pie!

Final Words

Well, the biggest difference between a traditional pizza and a Chicago-style pizza is the crust. A traditional pizza is thinner and crisper, while a deep dish pie is thicker and doughier! The crust is several inches tall and holds all the filling together well. The toppings and cheese are piled high and form a thick layer that covers the top and sides.